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Home hair masks suitable for all types of hair


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Damaged hair can be difficult to deal with. There are many reasons why people can have bad days with their hair, and identifying the factors causing this may help solve the problem. The weather usually causes damage to the keratin in hair strands in humid climates. Creatine enlargement also occurs, which can lead to frizz. During the winter months when dry outdoor air is combined with dry indoor heating, this causes persistent problems as frizzy hair is difficult to style. Braiding or styling the bun can temporarily solve the problem, but this is not a permanent solution.

It can be difficult to style your hair with more hair products, such as exposure to large amounts of hairspray or mousse. Routine bleaching or dyeing may also cause moisture loss. Trying to remedy dryness by adding the wrong oils or conditioner has the opposite effects: Hair can look dirty or greasy, as products clump and cling to curls. Besides, the compounds are usually shampoo-resistant.

Stress is another thing we keep in mind. Stress results in hormones and other chemical reactions that affect hair. Also, the monthly production of estrogen in women increases oil production, making the hair look dull, weak and lifeless.

However, there are some ways to help keep your hair healthy. From eating better food to treating hair with a homemade mask, a little nourishment from the right ingredients can add life and shine to your hair.

Nutritional solutions for damaged hair

Poor eating habits contribute to difficult hair loss and loss of health over time. Eggs, curd, bananas, guava, and spinach are all nutrient-dense foods that help stimulate the hair growth cycle and keep curls strong and lustrous. The proper nourishment system strengthens the hair’s outer layer, leaving it shiny and healthy-looking. Consider making changes to your diet now. However, it may take up to 3-6 weeks for results to appear. Remember, hair grows about half an inch in a month. Hair is constantly renewed.

Some types of hair have their own problems that need more than just a change in diet to address them.

A natural remedy for curly hair

The composition of the hair varies according to the type of its surface or the outer layer of different hair types. Under a microscope, the outer layer of hair appears like layers arranged above each hair strand. When all the layers are flat, the hair looks soft and silky. But on curly hair, the layers are uneven, and this makes them look coarse, but they appear thicker. A homemade mask for curly hair can improve the overall texture of your hair, give you the feeling of moisture, and provide the correct nutrients.

Curly hair mask


  • an egg
  • Two tablespoons of mayonnaise
  • A spoonful of extra virgin olive oil
  • Spoon pure honey

Double the amount for long hair.

How to prepare:

  1. Put all ingredients in a bowl and mix or put them in a blender and mash.
  2. Mix it well.
  3. Moisten your hair and apply the mask evenly.
  4. Cover your hair with a plastic wrap or shower cap for at least 30 minutes.
  5. Wash your hair with shampoo.

Use the mask weekly if needed.

Symptoms of hair damage

Fragile, dry, and excessive porosity and coarse curls are visible signs of damaged hair. Problems arise when strands of hair are damaged or become too long. Layering curls protect hair from damage and improve its appearance.

Under normal conditions, hair has the ability to stretch up to 150% more than its normal length without breaking. Loss of elasticity appears as broken ends or many short hairs. Solve the problem by looking at a hairbrush. If the hair is full-length, it means that it has just shed to make way for new hair to grow. But if the hair is shorter, breakage may be the cause. Other signs of hair damage include feeling damp when wet, not absorbing water, or not maintaining color. Treating hair regularly with a suitable mask may help avoid and treat many of the symptoms.

Damaged hair mask


  • One egg yolk
  • Two tablespoons of coconut oil
  • Spoon pure honey

How to prepare:

  1. Put the ingredients in a bowl and mix or put them in a blender and mash them.
  2. Wet your hair.
  3. Apply the mask to all hair with your fingertips.
  4. Cover your hair for at least 30 minutes.
  5. Wash it off with shampoo.
  6. Reapply the mask weekly as needed.

Treat frizzy hair with home-made products

The hair becomes frizzy due to the upper outer layers of the braids. As a result, the hair appears dry, frizzy and not combed well. Curly (natural) hair tends to curl more easily due to moisture loss. But falling hair can be frizzy for the same reason. Curly hair is naturally drier, making it more prone to frizz. Also, combing curly hair makes curls grow back and causes frizz.

Not many people are aware that there are three types of wrinkles. Surface curl occurs on the visible outermost layer of the hair. Wrinkled aura occurs around the crown area only. The frizz in (natural) curls removes the look of soft frizz, as the problem extends throughout the curl. Try this homemade recipe to reduce all three wrinkles.

Curly hair mask recipe


  • A banana, mashed or chopped
  • Two tablespoons of plain yogurt
  • Spoon pure honey

How to prepare:

  1. Put the ingredients in a blender and mash or whisk until well blended.
  2. Wet your hair.
  3. Apply the mask all over the hair.
  4. Cover your hair and rest for 30 minutes.
  5. Wash it off with shampoo.
  6. Use the mask weekly as needed.

Problems specific to natural hair

Natural hair tends to be drier and make their curls more flat. Sensitivity to dryness makes natural hair more likely to break. When you notice hair becoming brittle, you should avoid ironing, dyes, and straighteners that further complicate the problem. Be careful when pulling your hair after curling or curling it, and avoid making the style too tight. These hairstyles destroy fragile hair. Keep your hair moisturized and nourished with a mask designed for natural hair.

Natural hair mask


  • Half a mashed avocado
  • 1/4 cup mayonnaise
  • Two tablespoons of coconut oil
  • Spoon pure honey

How to prepare:

  1. Put the ingredients in a blender and mash or beat in a bowl until well combined.
  2. Wet your hair well.
  3. Apply the mask to the hair and scalp.
  4. Cover your hair and let the mask absorb for 30 minutes.
  5. Wash it off with shampoo.
  6. Use a strong conditioner.
  7. Reuse the mask weekly.

Home solutions for oily hair

The sebaceous glands secrete sebum, a natural wax-like substance that protects the hair shaft. For various reasons, the glands may secrete a lot of sebum, causing the hair to become oily. People with fine hair tend to have thicker hair. And thicker hair means more sebaceous glands and more oil production. Hormonal problems can stimulate the glands to overproduce. This especially occurs during puberty, menstruation and pregnancy. There are some other factors, which include genetics and frequent use of the wrong hair care products.

Cases of greasy hair also differ. Some suffer from greasy hair from root to tip. Others may notice that the hair is more greasy on the scalp and roots, while the legs and ends remain dry. This problem can be addressed by special products that contain natural ingredients or homemade hair masks.

Oily hair mask


  • 1/4 cup of apple cider vinegar
  • Juice of one lemon
  • Spoon pure honey

How to prepare:

  1. Put the ingredients in a blender and mash or whisk until well blended.
  2. Wet your hair.
  3. Apply the mask all over the hair.
  4. Cover your hair and leave the mask for 30 minutes.
  5. Wash it well.
  6. Wash it off with shampoo.
  7. Reapply the mask weekly as needed.

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