The “Space X” capsule is preparing to dock with the International Space Station

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The “Space X” capsule is preparing to dock with the International Space Station

The “Crow Dragon” capsule of the “Space X” group, which is transporting human crews to space on behalf of the US Space Agency (NASA), is expected to join early Saturday with the International Space Station, carrying four astronauts, including the Frenchman Thomas Pescet.
The capsule, called “Endeavor”, will dock with the “Harmony” unit at about 5:10 pm EST (0910 GMT), and NASA will provide a live transmission of the event and the proceedings of the ceremony welcoming the newcomers to the station.
In addition to Thomas Pisquet of the European Space Agency, the crew of the “Crew-2” mission includes US astronauts Shane Kimbroh, Megan MacArthur and Japanese Akihiko Hoshide.
This is the third mission of its kind carried out by the private company “SpaceX” since the resumption of manned flights into space by the United States.
The vehicle took off at dawn on Friday from the Kennedy Space Center, amid applause in the “SpaceX” control room.
“It is wonderful to be back in space,” Kimberuh said upon entering orbit, noting that all four astronauts have previously participated in space travel.
Internet users were able to see the four astronauts clapping enthusiastically as they entered orbit thanks to the camera in their “Dragon” spacecraft.
The top of the Falcon 9 missile separated and landed on a platform in the sea.
“We are at the dawn of a new era of space exploration,” commented the founder of “Space X” and “Tesla” car manufacturer Elon Musk, and this takeoff marked a new victory for the Musk companies.


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