Dan Levy gleefully replies to a fan who claims his father Eugene is dead

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One Chet Creek The fan feels “very embarrassed” after tweeting a lie to this lovable actor Eugene LevyWho plays the patriarch of the Johnny Rose family – has passed away.

The viewer wrote, “Eugene Levy was such a gift. It’s so sad to watch him know he’s no longer here.”

Twitter users immediately responded to the post, with one of them jokingly saying, “@danjlevy you might want to sit on this post.”

Son of Eugene and his acting partner, And fibrousAnd quickly set the record straight about the false claims, writingLee’s news.

The social media user deleted the original tweet and directly apologized to Dan for the mistake. “@ danjlevy, I’m so sorry! I thought he had passed away last year,” admire Wrote. “It was all foggy last year. I’m happy to know it’s fine. I’m so embarrassed.”

Second tweet She continued, “Sorry for everything I seriously thought was gone. I’m glad I’m wrong. I was sitting here watching the show so sad.” Dan has yet to respond to her letter of apology.

A Twitter user speculated that the incorrect tweet may have caused Dan’s “slight heart attack”, leading the original publisher to say “I’m terrified” about the “honest mistake.”

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