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Valdosta Board of Education (JA) reconsider the contract of besieged football coach Rush Probst


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The Board of Education in Valdosta (Georgia) is set to meet on Monday to reconsider its previous decision not to renew the contract of trapped soccer coach Rush Probst, according to an agenda posted on the district’s website.

The school board voted on April 27 not to renew Propst, which was placed on administrative leave after allegations surfaced that he had recruited players and their families and then requested money to pay for their living expenses.

On April 13, the Georgia High School Association imposed a $ 7,500 fine on Valdosta High School, ordered the wildcats to give up seven wins from the 2020 soccer season, banned the team from playing in the post-season period in 2021 and declared a handful of players ineligible. For the next post. After an investigation has been carried out whether the team has used unqualified players.

The GHSA denied Valdosta Hay’s appeal.

The GHSA investigation was the result of comments Propst made in a secretly taped conversation he had with former booster club CEO Michael “Nub” Nelson in May 2020, in which Propst indicated that he needed “funny money” to help pay for the living expenses of the families of the players who wanted to relocate. To Valdosta.

In the recordings, Probst was accused The University of Alabama And the The University of Georgia Who paid hundreds of thousands of dollars to high school prospects to play with them.

Sources told ESPN that Propst had provided Alabama and Georgia officials with affidavits denying his personal knowledge of recruiting abuses committed by either program. Nelson told ESPN that he had been interviewed by NCAA officials and compliance officers from both schools.


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