Savannah Guthrie celebrates CDC’s relaxed rules by jumping in Hoda Qutb’s lap

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Savannah Guthrie celebrates CDC’s relaxed rules by jumping in Hoda Qutb’s lap

Savannah Guthrie was so excited to end social distancing on air on Today on Friday that she literally jumped for joy – right in Hoda Kotb’s lap.

TV presenters put CDC’s relaxing social distancing label and face mask for fully vaccinated Americans on Friday morning by showing their first physical exposure of emotion in more than 15 months, with Savannah, 49, sitting in the lap of 56-year-old Hoda, while He was joking, “Are we a little excited?”

And she continued: ‘We are two vaccinated people! Does the CDC say anything about me while I’m sitting on your lap?

“By the way, I hope you were squatting because I’m not a lightweight load for you.”

“We’re excited to be close again,” added Savannah, who shared the video of the touching moment on Instagram.

Together again! Savannah Guthrie celebrated the CDC’s abandonment of face masks and social distancing for fully vaccinated Americans by jumping into Hoda Kotb’s lap on the Today Show

“We’re an excited boy!” Broadcasters have had to sit six feet by six feet over the past 15 months, and Hoda, 56, notes that it’s “ really good ” to be able to get close to Savannah, 49, again.

Meanwhile, its co-host urged the show’s producers to “get rid of that big office” – which was installed in NBC’s Studio 1A in order to allow reporters to maintain six feet of social distance between them during the broadcast, a rule that they had to follow for 15 months .

But on Friday, the broadcasters got together, literally, to celebrate the CDC’s facilitation of social distancing and masking, heading into their seats together for the first time in over a year.

“How long have we been waiting for this moment?” Savannah asked Huda, holding her hand, indicating that they had been sitting about six feet about 15 months ago.

Hoda then praised Savannah for her “fresh breath,” prompting her co-host to joke: “Well, I started using mint again and putting on lipstick because we no longer need masks!”

Hoda and Savannah revealed on Instagram that they received their second dose of the COVID vaccine on April 28 – as Savannah actually got the first shot of Pfizer jab live on the Today show on April 7, along with co-stars Craig Melvin, Chenille Jones and Dylan Dreyer. And Gina Bush Hager.

The CDC considers the subjects to be fully vaccinated “ two weeks after taking their second dose in a bilateral series, ” which means that Savannah and Hoda fell into that group as of Wednesday of this week.

However, the hosts’ celebration may have been a bit proactive, given that New York Governor Andrew Cuomo insisted he was not ready to give up masks in the state – which contradicts advice issued by the CDC and President Joe Biden just hours earlier.

Getting close: Savannah and Hoda pulled their chairs together for the first time in over a year, as the latter urged producers to give up their “big” offices once and for all.

Taking precautions! Hoda also praised her colleague for introducing “fresh breath,” prompting Savannah to joke that she “started using mint again.”

The way we were: When the Today anchor (seen in January) returned to a personal broadcast last year, they were forced to maintain a six-foot distance from social media at all times.

Start of a trend: Hoda was the first broadcaster to return to Today’s studio, while Savannah spent time broadcasting from her home in upstate New York for most of the pandemic.

The Federal Health Agency announced Thursday afternoon that Americans who get full vaccinations do not have to wear masks outdoors in most enclosed spaces, except for crowded places like buses and planes.

The White House followed suit, lifting its mandate, which requires wearing masks on its soil, with President Joe Biden hailing the new directive as a “ great teacher ” and a “ great day for America ” at a press conference.

But the CDC recommendation is just not enforceable – meaning states and companies are under no obligation to raise the demand for masks.

Cuomo said the state has not lifted its mask mandate, but said that officials “relied on facts and science” to make health-based decisions.

“In New York, we have always relied on facts and science to guide us through the worst of this epidemic and in our successful reopening,” said Cuomo.

It’s not clear what Cuomo “ science ” is based on that would fight the CDC.

He said he and the state’s health commissioner, Howard Zucker, were still evaluating the new directive.

“We have received newly revised guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention regarding the wearing of masks and social distancing for those vaccinated,” Cuomo said. “We are reviewing it in consultation with Dr. Zucker, our partners and health experts in neighboring states.”

He did not say when the country might update its directives.

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