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The UK is preparing for increased vaccinations to deal with the Covid variant from India


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Caroline Nichols receives an injection of the Moderna Covid-19 vaccine administered by nurse Amy Nash, at the Madjsky Stadium in Reading, West London on April 13, 2021.

Steve Parsons | Agence France-Presse | Getty Images

London – The United Kingdom is preparing to offer vaccinations and tests in regions where the new Covid-19 variant that was first discovered in India is spreading.

Minister of Vaccines Nadim Al-Zahawi For the BBC On Friday, the government will “review” its vaccination program to direct more doses to the most affected areas, while the second doses can be introduced.

In a statement released late Thursday, the UK Department of Health and Welfare announced that a new ‘rapid response’ team of 100 nurses, public health advisors and environmental health officers will be deployed in Bolton, a town on the outskirts of Manchester where the B1 variant is most prevalent. .617.2 quickly.

“Although there is no conclusive evidence yet that this alternative has any greater impact on disease severity or avoids the vaccine, the speed of growth is worrisome, and the government is considering taking additional measures if needed, including how best to make use of the vaccine list. – In order to better protect the most vulnerable in the current epidemic context. “

Mutation testing will also be expanded to other regions across the country, along with increased genetic sequencing and enhanced contact tracing.

Data for the new variant published Thursday by Public Health England showed that the number of cases across the UK has risen from 520 last week to 1,1313 this week, with most cases concentrated in the northwest of England and a handful of clusters in London.

The new restrictions cannot be “excluded”

The Launch of a vaccine in the United Kingdom It was one of the fastest in the world, with nearly 70% of the adult population having received at least one shot so far. Vaccines are currently available to anyone over the age of 38, but the government said they could be made available to young people who live in multi-generational families.

The next phase of England’s exit from lockdown is set to begin on Monday, when social relations, hospitality and entertainment will resume.

However, Health and Welfare Minister Matt Hancock said in a statement on Thursday that the government “is monitoring the situation very carefully and will not hesitate to take further measures if necessary.”

Along with the specialist unit at Bolton, the surge test has already been deployed in 15 regions across England, with more than 800,000 tests distributed.

“As shown in the road map, we cannot rule out re-imposing economic and social restrictions at the local or regional level if the evidence indicates that they are necessary to contain or suppress the alternative that escapes the vaccine,” the Ministry of National Security said.


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