Chicago Police are investigating the reported shooting involving Night

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Roommates, some details about the reported shooting have been released Chicago Rapper Lil Reese and two other men. Reports from Cwb Chicago State police responded to the scene after receiving calls of shooting earlier this morning around 9:30 am. The accident happened in the River North parking garage in Chicago. When the police arrived, 3 men were shot. Additionally, a stolen Dodge Durango was found shattered with bullet holes inside the garage.

The Chicago Police Department issued a statement following the accident. “Officers discovered three gunshot wounds, ages 20, 27 and 28. The 20-year-old victim was hit twice in the knee and taken to Struger Hospital, which was initially reported to be in good condition. The 27-year-old was beaten. Several times on his body, he was transferred to Northwestern Hospital, which initially reported that he was in critical condition. ” The statement continued, “The 28-year-old victim sustained a grazing wound in the thigh and was transferred to Northwestern Hospital, which was initially reported in a reasonable condition.”

A video of the alleged incident has surfaced online, but it is unclear what involvement Reese was involved in. At this time, no one is under arrest as the investigators continue their investigation. While fans awaited an update on Reese’s condition, his manager shared a message from Reese’s Instagram account asking for prayer. Reese has also been trending on Twitter for several hours. On Twitter, “Lil Reese just needs to get out of the state because that’s ** gone. His death will be his poison.”

If you remember, Reese was also shot in 2019. Unfortunately, the rapper “Traffic” was shot in the neck but made a full recovery.

We will keep you informed as more information becomes available.

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