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How to naturally expel sperm from the body – truth and myth.


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Are you one of those people who are constantly striving to gain knowledge about how to expel sperm from the body naturally? This means that you regularly participate or are considering unprotected sex. Although there are many who ignore the safety of protected sex for the never-ending days of anxiety associated with unprotected sex, it is recommended that you engage in sexual activities while using protection.

One of the downsides of entering into sexual relations with one or several partners is the constant search for ways to prevent pregnancy, especially by expelling sperm from the body. There are many methods known to different people, especially women. Some are safe while others can land not just the vagina in trouble, but the whole body. It is important that you carefully examine every advice given to you regarding how to expel sperm from the body naturally, before applying it.

In this article, we will expel the truth behind the ideas that shape the different methods used to expel sperm from the body without the use of any medication. We’ll also point out some of the things that may work, and those that are outright lies. To close everything, you’ll see the best options you can use to prevent pregnancy, even when you have unprotected sex.

Understanding the relationship between sperm and the female body.

Sperm is the part of the male semen that fertilizes the egg or ova in womb Or a woman’s fallopian tube. Although sperm is only a part, it is usually used to denote complete ejaculation of a man, and it is called semen right. Semen contains simple vitamins and sugars that aim to keep sperm alive on their journey to fertilize eggs in a woman’s uterus. Sometimes, they can be in the vagina or womb, alive for 5 to 7 days.

Semen is inserted into a woman’s body through the vagina, which connects the vaginal opening to the cervix. Usually, semen is once semen Inserted into the vagina It takes a few minutes to reach the cervix before the uterus. However, in some cases, some may remain in the vaginal canal.

When some women stand after intercourse, some fluid flows from their vagina, they think it is sperm, but in most cases it is semen, which may contain some sperm cells that are less mobile than those that preceded it. This flush does not mean that you are pregnancy-free.

Since the sperm reaches the uterus within minutes, the outflow from the vagina contains only a small portion of the sperm that has entered. How then does one remove those that have progressed and did not flow with others?

Some common practices to expel sperm from the body naturally.

Women engage in various practices to remove sperm from their bodies or, to be more specific, the vagina and uterus. While some of these practices may achieve a certain degree of success in getting some semen out of the vagina, there is no scientific evidence that sperm cells already in the womb can be removed. However, here are some practices.

  1. Drinking salt water

This practice is very common and is usually performed immediately after sexual intercourse. It is believed that a solution of salt and water, based on its high alkalinity and the ability of the salt to extract fluid from biological tissues, will help remove semen from the vagina.

This practice is a result of ignorance and misinformation. People do not know or tend to believe that semen stays in the vagina and that what they eat starts working immediately.

The salty water The solution only works to alkalize the stomach, not the uterus or vagina. It will only disrupt the digestive process because the stomach area is supposed to be very acidic.

  1. Peeing

It is believed that a woman should sit on the toilet for a few minutes and push urine out to help remove semen and sperm from her vagina. While this might sound like a smart idea to some people, it doesn’t work.

Remember that semen may leak out of the vagina on its own, which does not mean that sperm cells are not actually present in the womb. Urine comes from the bladder and not the uterus, so urination has nothing to do with sperm in the womb.

  1. Washing

Washing is an act that is strongly advised against but some women still participate in it. As a result of despair and fear of an unwanted pregnancy, some women use different types of soaps to wash the insides of the vagina to get rid of the semen that may be there.

Also, this act, caused by ignorance, is ineffective at preventing pregnancy. It only irritates the vagina and kills the beneficial flora, making room for growth and possible colonization of the vagina with bad bacteria.

  1. Bathing

Bathing works fine but there is no way to prevent an unwanted pregnancy. Even if you have unprotected sex while you shower and your partner spills some semen into your vagina, you have a high chance of getting pregnant.

  1. alcohol

Alcohol is prohibited during pregnancy, as it is depressant and can lead to pregnancy loss. However, it is only advised that pregnant women avoid this, not women who have had unprotected sex.

Alcohol can upset your stomach, and you may feel some cramps, but not specifically in the womb.

  1. Apple cider vinegar

Apple cider vinegarApple cider vinegar is a naturally acidic substance obtained from apples, and it is sometimes used as a gentle cleanser. Effectively kills bacteria and leaves surfaces clean. However, it is not an emergency contraception because it does not cause sperm to flow out of the vagina.

Apple cider vinegar is sometimes used for washing. This practice only kills sperm and semen, along with some of the bacteria present in the vagina, not sperm that reached the uterus.

  1. Soda, potash or alum

A mixture of any soda, potash, or alum, is what some other women advise to drink immediately, up to a few hours after having unprotected sex. They believe that soda foam, along with the stimulating and cleaning properties of potash and alum, respectively, will help cleanse the vagina of semen and sperm.

This combination is dangerous and may trigger other medical emergencies. It is ineffective at preventing unwanted pregnancy and does not expel sperm from the vagina.

  1. Exercise

Stretching and working the muscles in the body is a good and healthy exercise that will not make some people do it a habit. However, once they engage in unprotected sex and the partner fails to withdraw, they immediately squat and lunges, in the hope that the strain of the quadriceps and increased heartbeats will help the sperm be expelled from the vagina naturally.

While the verb is good, the purpose is wrong and ineffective.

  1. Herbal pairing

Some herbs, such as Uda (Negro Pepper), are recommended for people who have just had unprotected sex and are not ready for pregnancy. A cup or two is thought to be sufficient for a drink. However, its effectiveness is not scientifically supported.

Other herbs may consist of mixtures. They are usually soaked in water or alcohol and drunk a few hours after sex. Some people have already made it. They may work to remove semen and sperm from the vagina, but not from the uterus as there is no known natural process capable of doing this.

  1. Antibiotics

Some people go as far as taking antibiotics, such as Beecham’s Ampiclox, in order to prevent pregnancy. This drug is an antibiotic, meaning it helps control bacterial growth, and it is not a contraceptive. It does not prevent pregnancy in any way.

The truth about how sperm is expelled from the body.

You now know how sperm and semen enter the vagina and uterus, and the common methods people use to expel sperm from their bodies. However, for the time being, you should be aware that while semen from the vagina can leave the body, there is no chance of actually ejaculating the sperm in the womb from this place.

The body itself doesn’t expel sperm from the womb, and you can’t stimulate it, at least until today. However, it is not known what science might bring in the near future.

To prevent unwanted pregnancy after unprotected sex, to be fair, most of us engage in it from time to time, you need to use Emergency contraception. It does not work by expelling sperm from the uterus or vagina and instead, it prevents implantation of fertilized eggs by helping to break down the epithelium that was formed in preparation for pregnancy, if you are at that time of the month.

There is no known way to remove semen or sperm from the uterus or vagina.


Unwanted pregnancy is common in many developing countries and thus, various methods of contraception are used. While some techniques, such as exercise, may be beneficial, they are ineffective against pregnancy. Other methods such as drinking mixtures and washing can have a harmful effect on the vagina and the body itself.

To prevent unwanted pregnancy, abstain from voting, and use protective measures or emergency contraception when needed.

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