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The strength of this NFL Teams table is very bluffing


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The strength of these NFL teams table is very deceptive | Sports news and news TooAthletic.com

Prior to this last week, the NFL teams only knew which teams they would face, but not during the 2021 season. Now that the league has released everyone’s schedules, the order in which you will play each game is known. This is why only now we can look at which team is the real strength table and who is the bluffer.

Thanks to being one of the deepest teams in football, AFC North boasts four teams, each with a strong schedule of at least 0.520, which means that all of their opponents in 2020 have come together to win 52% of the matches. Of course, this number includes their division rivals twice to count the matches they play at home and away from home as part of their new schedule of 17 games during the 2021 season.

The “easiest” schedule among the four teams in this division is owned by the Cleveland Browns, with 0.520 SOS (schedule strength). The reason I think this is a tougher schedule than the ninth rank Brown currently has is because of one team, the New England Patriots, a team that Cleveland plays, and yet there is no one else in his league playing. For the record, the Pittsburgh Steelers have the hardest table in all of the NFL at 0.563, followed by the Baltimore Ravens (.559) and in sixth place the Cincinnati Bengals (.539).

Another division with all four of their teams having a tough top ten schedule is NFC North. With the Chicago Bears in third (.553) and the Green Bay Packers in fourth (. 543), it will be difficult for anyone to catch up with the winning Packers team last year. That is, of course, if Aaron Rodgers wore his number 12 Green Bay shirt during the 2021 season. Fifth overall are the Minnesota Vikings (.537) with Lions tied for sixth for the hardest table (.531).

The Green Bay schedule does not include matches against themselves, which is why all competitors in the division have a slightly higher SOS next season. However, the Packers face one team that no one else in NFC North faces, and that is Kansas City. This is why Green Bay still has a harder schedule than the top ten in 2021, and If Aaron Rodgers traded After June 1stStreetWhy The Packers Possibly Have Top Ten Draft Spring 2022.

The one team with, on paper, one of the weakest schedules this season is the Indianapolis Colts, who are R.It is ranked 23rd in terms of schedule strength. However, Dr.Don’t get fooled into believing this is about Colts’ schedule before taking a look at who’s actually playing. Besides playing the home and away match against Titans, Indianapolis will play NFC West, AFC East, and will enjoy a trip to Baltimore this season to face the Ravens. Good luck Carson Wentz … this is a difficult schedule if you see one day.


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The strength of these NFL teams table is very deceptive | TooAthletic.com

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