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The VAR is the first retrograde change to offside in football history


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It is perhaps fitting that in a season full of VAR controversy, the biggest masterpiece in a single match in the English game, the FA Cup Final, has been decided effectively through technology.

Chelsea They thought they tied at the last minute against Leicester, Just for the sake of a marginal offside call in building the target to deny them. Using the now infamous streaks, Ben Chilwell was found to have hair intrusion before delivering an occasional event that was eventually bundled into his network by Wes Morgan.

Sure, he allowed a fairy tale ending to Leicester’s great season, but no one would have blown an eyelid had the goal been awarded.

And it’s just the latest in a string of calls so intense that it actually made it into practice beating the last man in the lottery.

Liverpool It appears to be the epicenter of this plague. The Reds had a Diogo Jota goal that was controversially eliminated Aston Villa, While earlier this season, Timo Werner made a controversial effort against Jürgen Klopp’s men while playing. Chelsea.

And before that was a worse example.

‘Infiltrate’ Sadio Mane, if you want to name him, in the 2-2 Merseyside derby between the Reds and Everton He should have signaled the death knell for this stealth base. It’s not prejudice or favoritism, it’s just widespread incompetence by a group of legislative fanatics who wanted to be footballers but were upset because they couldn’t.

Away – How did we get here?

In 150 years the offside law has been in existence, and it has never been perfect, and it likely never will be. Its main purpose was to prevent the goalkeeper from being suspended, or the attackers standing next to the goalkeeper with their teammates shooting passes in their direction.

Since its inception it has been modified, edited, rewritten and reimagined, although it is rarely simplified. But what has always happened over the years, with each iteration, is that it has worked in favor of the attacker, and offensive play in general.

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So in this case, the video assistant referee InterIt represents an excuse to sneak The first retro stealth change in the history of the game. And make no mistake, that’s what this is, downhill. The offside decision against Io is just the latest false calls by officials who are actively looking for something that would disqualify a target. This is no longer about Eliminates errors, But rather Find them While that.

But far away!

No, not really. The goal-line technique was very helpful due to the binary nature of the score (apart from Sheffield United’s deflection); Either it is above the line or it is not. Cameras can capture that and we see very clearly whether it’s zero or one. So a judgment can, in a matter of seconds, we move on.

Offside can never be dealt with this way because it can never be bisexual. There are many variants in the game, and many considerations within the law to definitively say stealth or stealth by drawing a line across the screen.

Firstly, the technology itself has an internal error range of 13cm to 30cm – the screen doesn’t pick up fast enough to deliver anything better. Raheem Sterling and Sun Hueng Min call for offside It was literally millimeters. Therefore, even for the difficulties among us, the experiment will indeed be considered a failure.

Moreover, the definition of ‘when to play the ball’ is good and natural when activated in real time by the human eye (although over the years we have been happy to accept that line men can simultaneously look in two places at once, in an instant. Pass and striker position – almost physically impossible) but the rule has never been tested on the fine details with which it is applied aggressively.

The frame captured when the ball leaves the player’s foot could have been the frame before with another VAR official, because at 50 frames per second, the maximum speed at which the VAR camera is moving, it is impossible to determine the exact moment of the ball interrupting contact with the player .

It’s simple – the offside rule has never been tested in the minutiae that is applied aggressively.

So Mark Clattenburg in the Daily Mail, saying, “To sneak into the best technology we have at the moment is just stupid.”. “When the ball is played” was the dogma of human determinism InterPretending, and while it should be welcomed that technology should help the hapless men of the lines in their difficult task, it means that Al Qaeda now needs to be rewritten. To the naked eye, pre-VAR, Jordan Ayew and all others are, objectively, harmoniously and objectively, at the side. The rule makers weren’t thinking of such good margins when this was put in place.

So what should happen?

VAR technology has always aimed to correct ‘Obvious and clear mistakes’. If it takes roughly three minutes for officials to decode the “correct” decision, then it is, by definition, neither clear nor straightforward. But now that the precedent is set, it’s hard to see a way to undo it. Even if VAR is watered down on stealth calls, amateur observers will be relentless in reporting every incident they see that remains technically “stealth”.

Nobody in Manchester, even in the big-screen rerun, would have considered Io to be an infiltrator had it not been for VAR. InterHonored. Because it is not like that. In some cases, such nonsense calls may determine the future of players and managers in the coming weeks.

The handball rule is also completely wrong and lacks any real understanding of how soccer worksBut there is at least a degree of consistency in the chaos.

But in case of offside, there is nothing to do to help play forward. Ayo can’t choose to step back a millimeter, so his run-off may actually need to be re-evaluated by a yard. This means dropping off the shoulder of the last defender, more midfielders winning foot chases, and fewer passing attempts. All because of a 150-year-old rule that has not been updated to provide modern technology.

There is a bigger problem here than trivial individual superiority. It’s nonsense, it’s a mistake, it damages the offside concept, and if that’s how you want to see it applied then take a quick look at some of the matches in Italia 90, when the forwards were required to be behind the defender in order to be in position. Attack, will reveal your usual offensive play form.

Hint – it wasn’t awesome.

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