12 movies to watch if you love Mission: Impossible

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you welcome in Beat the algorithm – A recurring column dedicated to providing you with various relevant streaming recommendations based on your favorite movies. Today, we recommend watching movies if you’re a fan of Brian De Palma’s 1996 spy thriller Mission: Impossible.

without Brian de Palma, There won’t be any Mission: Impossible. No repelling Burj Khalifa, no slow-moving pigeons, no masquerade masks, no halo jump. De Palma’s fluency with cinematography of the genre, groundbreaking visual style, and obsessive cinematography crafted for its unique mantle and liveliness. 1996 Mission: Impossible Ethan Hunt introduces us (Tom Cruise), One of the personnel specialized in the power of the impossible task, if he was scathing. After his team is ambushed during a mission in Prague, Hunt must act as a rogue to recover a valuable list of secret aliases for operations to finish the mission.

While all Mission: Impossible The entry continued to push the franchise to new heights, and the original remains a fan favorite and one that stands alone. Not only did De Palma build on a legacy of espionage thrillers, it also launched one of the most exciting action movies in Hollywood and inspired countless action and espionage movies.

From Hitchcock to Heist Surfer, there are 12 movies for fans of the original Mission: Impossible we will enjoy:

This article was co-written with Meg Shields.

The 39 steps (1939)

You cannot talk about de Palma without talking about it Alfred Hitchcock. The suspense master influenced de Palma’s tendency to regulate tension, enjoy voyeurism, and craft wonderful puzzles. Many of Hitchcock’s films have fingerprints Mission: Impossible, But The 39 steps He is most betting that you have not seen him. The movie that he may sound familiar to has its similarities with North is northwest, Follows an innocent man accused of murder by a spy organization who has been caught in an international plot. It has everything you could want from a Hitchcock thriller: train travel, accents across the Atlantic, and MacGuffin almost like the NOC roster.

Available for streaming on standard channel.

A man fled (1956)

A man fled

Have you ever seen a white room robbery scene Mission: Impossible While holding your breath and grabbing the sofa cushion with such force that tearing it apart, you wondered what it would be like to watch a full movie look like this? Well, the good news is Robert Bresson He’s got a movie for you! A man fled He follows a French resistance fighter who is constantly looking for an exit from the German prison where he is imprisoned. While the film’s style is simple, its sound design is pivotal and typical. Bryson teaches us to become hypersensitive and in tune with the toughest types of noise. Creaking doors and cracking shoes could mean the entire escape is over. If you can handle the constant feeling your heart is about to jump out of your throat, A man fled It is an absolute must-watch.

Available for streaming on standard channel.

the kill (1956)

the kill

Since the first installment, Mission: Impossible Movies have been a reliable source of process-based thriller. Following an exciting business plan from the planning stage through to its execution makes you feel complicit, which is exciting. This is, in part, the reason for the recommendation the kill. Stanley Kubrick ‘The third feature film isn’t just a great thriller; It’s a great heist movie. Here’s the setting: Lifelong criminal Johnny Clay (Sterling Hayden) is recruiting an unconventional group of confidants for one last job before he gets involved. The job concerned? Okay, well that’ll give a lot, but to spice up your color palette: It includes a horse track, two main distractions, and a clown mask. Things don’t go as planned, of course, but I am glad you watch the plan take shape and crumble like a sand castle and that’s half the fun. (The other half of the fun is watching Mary Windsor invent the acting craft as Sherry, the sarcastic, planned wife of one of the robbery partners.)

Available to stream on Tubi.

Explosion (1981)


We’d dare guess that, for a lot of people, there’s a good chance that this will be Mission: Impossible It is their first foray Brian de PalmaFilmography. And if all those obsessive close-up shots were fueled Paranoid split diopter shots Crank turned, we recommend diving into the deep end with Explosion, Arguably the crown jewel in De Palma’s career and type of thriller, that period. Jack Terry (John Travolta) is a skilled voice recording artist who works in horror films of the second degree. One night, while recording some new sounds, he picked up something unexpected with his voice recorder: a gunshot, an explosion, and a car crash into a stream. Driven by curiosity and a strong feeling that the public should know the truth, Jack rages against the ensuing cover-up, risking not only his life but the life of the young sex worker (Nancy Allen) he pulled from the watery debris that fateful night.

Available to stream on Amazon Prime.

detective story (1985)

detective story

When it comes to actors doing their stunts, few of them can be compared to Tom Cruise. But Jackie Chan On another level entirely. detective story It tells of a virtuous police officer named Chan Ka Koy who gets involved in mob scams while trying to protect an emotional witness for the prosecution (Brigitte Lin). He worked as a director, writer, star, and stunt coordinator for the movie, detective story It was Chan’s big attempt to film the way he is wanted. This includes, of course, some of the most photographed death-defying stunts. In one scene, Chan hangs from a double-decker bus with an umbrella. In another case, he literally forested several phone calls. And the, In the film’s stunning finale, the epilogue to an amazing sequence earns the production the nickname “A Glass Story.”, “Chan jumps on a pole in the middle of a mall foyer, slides down, crashes to the ground, and resumes the fight. Suffice to say, if you are in the mood for some“ real actors who sacrifice their knee caps for the power of cinema, ” detective story Is that then some.

Available for streaming on standard channel.

Breaking point (1991)

Breaking point

Have you ever wondered what it would be like if Ethan Hunt was bad at his job? Like, is he not only bad at catching criminals but also a force of chaos that makes everything around him so much worse, objectively? Enter: Johnny Utah (Keanu Reeves), promising Quantico graduate, his first real FBI assignment is to infiltrate a gang of addictive adrenaline surfers who may also be professional bank robbers. While Utah is, it could be said, the real villain Catherine Bigelow‘s Breaking pointUltimately, he shares Hunt’s enthusiasm for justice. Ultimately, he’s willing to go some distance (straight from a plane without a parachute) to save the day, which is something we like to think Ethan would be proud of. Taking on some really stunts and concrete “rock dude” vibrancy, Catherine Bigelow’s terrifying portrayal of the voice and fury of manhood is a hell of a great time.

Available for streaming on HBO Max.

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