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Ajman Human Resources Department.

The institution begins to provide psychological and moral counseling and services within 30 minutes, within a wonderful educational program, sciences, sciences, sciences, sciences, sciences, sciences, sciences, sciences, sciences, and doctor work, attracting camel work and happy society, and enabling the employee to achieve equality between Equality, work and contribute to raising the efficiency of work, the desired common work environment.

The beginning is that the program targets all employees of government agencies in the emirate, watching Emiri Decree No. (4) of 2017 applies to the issuance of the Ajman Government Human Resources Law, its regulations, and their first-degree families (husbands, children, and fathers).

He pointed out that the program was launched again in a workshop in the field of psychiatry, and the program will provide counseling services for the employee and his family, submitting the tender, work plan and report after each session and follow-up for employees, completion until the completion of the required completion, in addition to a final report after completing all evaluations. Which was uploaded as follows, which I made on the index, explains that you have to submit a request in it, showing the image that is appropriate for you to benefit from the program.

The Director of Resource Programs and Services Department supported government services employees in the Emirate of Ajman from the consultations that the “30 Minutes” program would provide, mental health, with a total of 6 free sessions for the employee and his family at the hands of specialized counselors.


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