Anthony Fauci tries to explain the mask guidelines – Deadline

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Kate McKinnon He is back playing Dr. Anthony Fauci in an important week of Covid-19 directives: announcing that those who are fully vaccinated can go outdoors and indoors without a mask, with a few exceptions.

Parodies were in the CDC trying to explain what those exceptions were and hide the directive going forward, amid a bewildering set of circumstances and the public not always ready to follow.

As the “patron saint of Purell,” Fauci’s solution is to allow the CDC’s representative group to try to implement various Covid-19 safety guidelines, via a set of rather trivial improvisation scenes.

“As you’ve probably heard, we’ve had some very good news this week, and I’m not just talking about JLo and Ben Affleck,” says Fauci. “The CDC announced that vaccinated people no longer need to wear masks, whether outdoors or indoors, so cool, right? But a lot of people have questions, such as what does that mean? What are you saying righteously?” Hell? Is this a trap? “

Fauci says he mobilized a few doctors at the CDC “who worked in the theater … to reenact the various scenarios in order to demonstrate the correct mask behavior. Remember, they only had 24 hours to set this show together, so please welcome the center players.” Disease control. “

In the first scene, a guy named “Dan” enters a bar.

“Do you still have to wear a mask indoors?” Dan says.

“You actually don’t,” says the waitress.

Dan says, “Great.”

She answers: “As long as you are a restaurant.”

“No, I’m not,” Dan says.

She says, “Oh, that’s bad.”

“Well, I’m going into a bar at 11 am Do you really think I’ve been vandalized? Because this is on you,” he says.

“You’re right,” she answered, “I deserve a covid.”

End scene.

Fauci replies, “I don’t know if this is the right takeaway. The real point is that we have to trust each other, so please be honest and respectful.”

Then we move on to the next scene, a situation on a plane, with a passenger wanting a drink and a flight attendant tells him he can have a drink as long as he keeps his mask between sips.

He is pleased. “By the way, I’ve been stuck inside for over a year, do you want me to pop?” He says.

“You know I do,” says the host.

The passenger answers, “Let’s go to.” Reality ride.”

Then Fauci said, “The lesson has to be, you need masks on planes, not everyone interesting now.”

Fauci then tries to show what to do in a large crowd, but the scene of MAGA supporters is unmasked “outside the Capitol,” that is, on January 6th.

The next scene is a situation in a retail store, where the owner tells a customer that he still has to wear a mask.

“But I don’t need to wear a mask. The client says” I’m gay. “

The owner is not bothered by the non-serial. “And I’m an ally. The first hot dog is on me.”

Fauci upset. “That’s not how it works. Being an ally is cool but it has nothing to do with mask safety.”

Another scene of two young men who started dating during the pandemic.

“This is excited.” The man says, “We are out so we can definitely take off our masks.”

Take it off, and the woman replies, “Oh no, I don’t like the bottom of your face. It looks like you’ve grown mold under your mask.”

Then, on to the next scene, “a delicate setting, a NYC transit ride,” says Fauci.

One woman said to a male passenger, “You should know that the masks are still required on buses, ferries and subways.”

The man answers: But my question is: Where should I masturbate? Because buses, ferries and subways all look like great options. “

“You shouldn’t do this anywhere,” the woman says.

He replies, “Don’t worry. I’ll put the mask on first.”

Fauci reaction? He missed a golden opportunity to say, ‘Thanks for the tip.’

The scenes continue to get complicated, ending with one that Fauci calls “an even more mystery.” It is a case where four friends from three different families gathered.

“We’re all half full,” says a friend. “We travel from Florida to the UK.”

Another says, “One of us is old and in great danger.”

Another says, “One of us is a child.”

“How many of us should be wearing a mask, and in what order?”

Fauci says puzzled, “No idea what he’s supposed to prove.”

Then the actors try to explain how “everything is fine again,” revealing what they are doing with their masks now that they have all been vaccinated.

“When we come together as a community, we can solve anything,” one woman says.

Then another answers, “Now let’s talk about Israel.”

“It looks like this is a good place to wrap it up,” says Fauci. “So in short, please everyone get the vaccine and enjoy life without masks.” Then Fauci turns into a studio. “Except for this audience, you guys, you gotta keep working.” In fact, they still do.

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