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Best of the Day: May 14, 2021


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PLAY-IN TOURNAMENT probably isn’t going away anytime soon

This is the second season in a row as the NBA had a shorter year due to COVID and implemented some sort of tournament to play in the final. The idea was to give more teams a chance to enter the post-season period because they would miss out on matches they could have used to climb the rankings in the regular year. Additionally, the NBA wanted to test the concept for the coming years that would create a more significant end to the season.

The league was hoping there would be more races between the wires at the end of the season with the Championship play in hand, and they got what they wanted. The attempt to stay outside the seven places in the West was exciting, and still not over with two days remaining in the regular season. Portland and LAL still don’t know who’s in the tournament and who isn’t. Along with this, eEighth-place gets an additional chance to achieve it, as ninth-place can be achieved after only one match.

Memphis and the Golden State have been vying for the 8/9 places in the West recently, but this game made it possible. LeBron against. Steve Matching, which is a perfect way to engage your viewers. This year was about giving more teams a fair chance like how it ruined DC due to issues related to COVID early on, and their record is the opposite. But now with a great second half of the season, they got a chance. With all the positives in play, it likely won’t happen anytime soon.

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