Brandon Figueroa sacks Lewis Neri in an action-packed shootout

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Brandon Figueroa breaks Lewis Nery’s resistance and looks forward to a showdown with Stephen Fulton

Brandon Figueroa He captured the WBC super-bantamweight title from Louis Neary With KO from the seventh round at a wild shootout in Carson, California.

With both fighters being aggressive frontal strikes, Fans were expecting an action-packed match Between Figueroa and Nyeri – the protagonists did not disappoint.

Figueroa and Nyeri exchanged heavy hooks from the start, in multiple sinister exchanges from within. Both the warring opponents, who showed little interest in defense, showed impressive chins in swallowing some clean shots.

By the seventh round, speed had begun to affect Southbaw Neri, who had been struggling to keep Figueroa at bay. With the upper left sank into Neri’s ribs and winded out of it, the 26-year-old Mexican couldn’t beat the referee count in 2–18. At the end time, Figueroa and Nyeri were two scorers ahead of each, with the third referee being boxers’ level.

Figueroa, 24, was the outside betting game, but an unbeaten Texas man proved to be a world-class worker by becoming the first man to defeat Neri the heavyweight.

“It’s a wonderful feeling – this is a dream come true,” Figueroa said after the fight. “I know everyone doubted me, but I’m here with the belt. It’s all thanks to hard work and dedication.

“The plan was to smash him. My corner told me to press him. They said it wouldn’t last and that’s exactly what happened. I knew he was tired – I saw him breathing hard. My team just said it was time to go get it.”

“Tonight I saw what I could do. I brought it to him and the hard work paid off. We did our homework. We did a great job in the gym and took it to him.”

Next up for Figueroa is a double struggle with the WBO belt mount Stephen Fulton On September 11th.

Figueroa stated: “We have been waiting for this fight against Fulton and it will take place in the end.” “I knew I had to cross my yoke first. Everything had its time. I figured I would hit my yoke and now I see myself beat Fulton. I know he’s coming with all he has and I know we’re going to give the fans a great show.”

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