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Our Jewish institutions are considered sacred by many. But times have changed. The JCC or the Jewish union in your city may or may not have a political agenda. Anti-Zionism was once a marginal movement represented by Elmer Berger and Benjamin H. Friedman, you have made your way to the front.

Bend the arch It became an anti-Zionist force with the help of progressive billionaires. It means abolishing the police, abolishing prisons, and the anti-capitalist mob Using Palestine as a proxy For their movement.

Last year, Bend the Arc and other progressive Jewish groups Allied powers With James Zogby, Linda Sarsour, and other American Islamist groups, to convince Americans that ethnic cleansing is imminent unless they vote for one-party rule.

Two years ago, I found out that the local Jewish federation in which I live had participated in it Arch bending exercises at Selah. No wonder Michael Chapon was invited to deliver a keynote speech at the local Jewish Book Festival. Once I got hit Group 10, Everything is logical! Thanks to people like Bend the Arc CEO Alan from ChapelleElectoral force prevails Moral clarity There is a shortage of supply.

This week, I email the head of the local association asking her to explain the decision to partner with Bend the Arch. She wrote again to inform me that I must be wrong. Transparency is not at the heart of the Jewish “Big Tent” movement.

American Jews have a decision to make. It’s not left / right, white / black, jew / Muslim, or even Woke / Sane. It is a little more complicated So.

As our brothers and sisters in Israel fight two wars – terror and propaganda – it is time to stand up for the right and demand answers.

Patti Munter is the co-founder of the National Organization for Fetal Alcohol Syndrome and Rochester for Israel. Before that, she worked for Rolling Stone magazine.

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