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Egypt .. The death of the Iraqi actress Nadia due to her infection with Corona – thought and art – stars and celebrities


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The daughter of the artist, Nadia Al-Iraqi, announced the death of her mother, calling for her mercy, asking her fans and fans to have mercy on her.

And the artist’s daughter wrote on her own page on the social networking site Facebook: “Mama has moved to the mercy of God Almighty.

And the artist, Nadia Al-Iraqi, was famous for being one of the artists who was constantly keen to communicate with her audience through her Facebook account, and on April 30, before entering intensive care after being infected with the Corona virus, she published a warning to her fans about the virus, according to “Sky News Arabia.”

And the artist wrote at the time: “Corona attacked our house, our Lord, may it have no one …

And Nadia Al-Iraqi wrote in a previous post before infection with the Coronavirus: “Intensive care is the death ward and the boundary between life and the grave … in which the patient is placed on a respirator that gives oxygen and inflates the lungs because all organs have stopped except the heart muscle and it is called clinical death … the brain is dead and the heart is alive.” … and rare cases that come back to life after a coma. “

And she continued: “With the power of God Almighty, the patient is inside a very dark tunnel but he hears around him, so he must talk to him and spread reassurance in him and remind him of his Lord and advise him to search for the light at the end of the tunnel to leave in peace.”


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