Google Maps displays the locations of providing the Corona vaccine – technology

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Ads for Corona vaccines appear on Google Maps on Android phones to encourage people to get the vaccine and make it easier to access.

Google added maps that facilitate finding vaccination centers nearby for those wishing to take vaccination, in its latest attempts to help combat the Corona virus.

Google has been publishing useful information about the epidemic on its large platforms.

Google Drive also publishes new advertisements such as “reasons that support vaccination,” and other advertisements calling for social distancing and wearing masks, according to the “Al Hurra” channel.

The vaccination campaign in the United States of America has so far been intensively, and the way is open for all those of vaccination age to receive an injection, at a time when about 55% of American adults have received at least one dose.

The United States is the country most affected in terms of deaths (561,074), followed by Brazil with 348,718 deaths, Mexico with 207,020 deaths, India with 168,436 deaths, and the United Kingdom with 127,040 deaths.


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