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Jordanian Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs and Expatriate Affairs Ayman Safadi affirmed that “the Palestinian issue was and will remain the first central issue, and Jerusalem and its sanctities are a red line, and there is no comprehensive peace, security or stability without the liberation of occupied Jerusalem as the capital of the independent and sovereign Palestinian state on the lines of the fourth of June of the year. 1967 ».

In a speech delivered today, Sunday, during the hypothetical extraordinary meeting of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation at the level of foreign ministers, Safadi said: “Protecting the Islamic and Christian sanctities in occupied Jerusalem and preserving their Arab, Islamic and Christian identity will remain the supreme task that the guardian, King Abdullah II, devotes to all of Jordan’s capabilities. ».

He added, “The Kingdom will continue to stand with all its capabilities on the side of the Palestinian brothers to lift their injustice and fulfill all their legitimate rights to a free and dignified life and to an independent and sovereign state on their national soil.”

Safadi stressed that “the Kingdom will take, as always, all the necessary steps to support brothers, protect holy sites, protect the rights of the brotherly Palestinian people, and the region’s right to a just and comprehensive peace that meets all the legitimate rights of the Palestinian people, which constitutes a strategic choice, the only way is the two-state solution, according to International legitimacy decisions and the Arab Peace Initiative ».

He said, “Our emergency meeting today is a message that the Islamic world stands united against the illegal, immoral and inhumane Israeli attacks and practices in occupied Jerusalem and its sanctities and in the rest of the occupied Palestinian territories, and against the aggression on Gaza.”

“Israel is pushing the entire region towards more tension and conflict, and threatening all chances to achieve a just and comprehensive peace,” Safadi added, noting that “stopping escalation requires stopping all illegal and provocative Israeli practices that triggered it, and an immediate end to the aggression on Gaza.”

He stressed that “attempts to change the existing legal and historical status in Jerusalem and its sanctities are a flagrant violation of international law and push the region towards more tension and conflict,” pointing out that “displacing the residents of the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood from their homes would be a war crime that the international community should not allow to commit.”

Safadi said: “Security and peace will be achieved with the end of the occupation and the fulfillment of all the legitimate rights of the Palestinian people, and the launch of a real international effort that creates the political horizon required to reach a just peace according to the two-state solution that ends the occupation. A priority that the international community must act immediately to meet it.

The meeting will be held hypothetically at the invitation of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the chair of the Islamic Summit and the headquarters state of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation, to discuss the bloody events and Israeli attacks in the land of Palestine, especially in Al-Quds Al-Sharif, and what Israel is doing in the vicinity of the blessed Al-Aqsa Mosque.


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