Learn about the secret yacht of the Amazon founder

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The news that Jeff Bezos has bought a “luxury yacht” has sparked interest in the underground world of trekking enthusiasts.
Experts say the luxury yacht industry has been booming for years, even at the height of the global economic recession caused by the epidemic.
And Jeff Bezos, the founder of Amazon and the world’s richest man, has seen his personal wealth nearly double since 2017 as more people switched to online shopping than ever before.
And it is not just Bezos who has seen this, as many of the world’s rich have seen their fortunes increase in recent years.

As a result, shipyards continued to produce more massive yachts as experts see their popularity grow.

According to the brokers’ accounts, 2020 has seen more yachts sold than ever before, as 2021 is set to break sales records again.

What do we know about Bezos yacht?
Oceanco is overseeing the construction of the 127-meter yacht in the Netherlands, according to a new Bezos biography by Bloomberg News.
The cost of that yacht is estimated at 500 million dollars, which is a drop in the sea of ​​wealth of the richest man in the world, whose wealth at one point jumped to 13 billion dollars in a single day in 2020. His net worth is now estimated at 200 billion dollars.
This price does not include the cost of a smaller “utility yacht” with motor that Bezos plans to purchase as well.
The smaller yacht features a helipad. It is reported that Bezos’ friend, Lauren Sanchez, TV presenter, is trained in piloting helicopters.
The main yacht is not adapted for landing helicopters due to the three sailing masts on its deck.
The smaller yacht is also expected to be loaded with items such as cars and luxury speedboats and possibly even a submarine, experts say.
The top-secret luxury yacht project, known as the Y 721, is due to be completed sometime next month, according to Bloomberg. It is possible that Bezos’s request was submitted several years ago, given that building such specially designed yachts may take about 5 years, according to “BBC”.
Oceanco, the Dutch yacht maker, has not commented on the project.
It is reported that it has previously built the 350-foot-long Black Pearl, the second largest sailing yacht in the world.


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