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MLB Hall of Famers who forgot to play with the Dodgers


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During the early part of his Hall of Fame career with the Reds, Robinson faced Kovacs more times than all except for six other shooters in his career, tying Henry Aaron, Felipe Allow, and Ernie Banks on most of his rounds at home. Legendary left-wing seven. At the 1966 World Series, Robinson tripled, marched and scored two goals against Kovacs in the second match of the Orioles sweep. But after the 1971 season, Robinson joined Koufax as part of the Dodger family, coming from Baltimore with Pete Richert opposite Doyle Alexander, Bob O’Brien, Sergio Robles and Royle Stillman. After making 19 home runs in 103 matches, Robinson has traded again, this time with the Angels, alongside Billy Brabarkerwitz, Bill Singer, Mike Strahler and Bobby Valentine, for Ken McMullen and Andy Messersmith. Robinson reached another 64 after leaving the Dodgers to end his career in 586.


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