NASA congratulates China on the successful landing of its spacecraft on the surface of Mars

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The US space agency, “NASA”, today, Sunday, commented on the successful landing of the Chinese probe on the surface of Mars.

This comment came through a tweet by NASA Assistant Director Thomas Zurbuchen, who wrote: “Congratulations to the Tianan-1 team of the National Space Administration of China for the successful landing of the first Chinese rover, Churong, to explore Mars! And together with the global scientific community! “.

“I look forward to the important contributions that this mission will make for humanity to understand the Red Planet,” Zurbuchen added.

Careful The new China News Agency, “Xinhua”, that an unmanned Chinese spacecraft successfully landed on the surface of Mars, on Saturday.

The agency quoted the Chinese National Space Administration as saying that the “probe” Tianwen-1 “landed on Saturday, May 15, successfully on the surface of Mars, pointing out that the probe” landed in the pre-determined area, Utopia Planetia. “

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