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New South Wales Swift coach Brioni Ackley shot Ricky Stewart after beating Melbourne Vicks


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New South Wales Swifts Coach Brioni Ackley quickly passed the Canberra Riders coach Ricky Stewart After his statements about the toughness of netball players.

Stewart was caught in the crossfire this past week because of his comments he made to News Corp journalist Paul Kent. He has since issued an apology.

After being a Raiders boss He was criticized by Australian netball player Liz Ellis, Akle, too, pits Stuart under fire after Swift claimed a 55-43 win over the Vixens.

“Foxes are a championship team,” my mind said. “I was not at all comfortable because we won that match, even with five minutes left until the end.”

“The netball players are tough. It was 60 minutes of netball and it took that to win the match.

“ The reckless fans, they are crying out for netball and it has been nearly two years since we played.

“For them to be loyal to us and come back and show up like they did today and support a team that was far away, that only shows the team’s legacy.

“Netball and women’s sports are definitely out there.”

Swift’s star, Sam Wallace, was once again Akle’s main destroyer, charging 100 percent efficiently in the win as she scored 48 to 48 in a goal-scoring attempt.

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