Nick Castellanos’s drive to knock down baseballs is to smash Rob Manfred’s face (video)

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A Cincinnati Reds fan made a funny impulse to Nick Castellanos on Saturday night.

Castellanos is among the hottest hitters in the game when he’s right, and the naughty player has thrown a home run (his tenth of the season) and doubles to help save him. Py The fuel needed for the 6-5 win over the Colorado Rockies.

Ex-tiger hitter and cubs have been the hottest in the last few years, first as fodder for a hilarious social media campaign poaching former broadcaster Thom Brennemann (and there’s pushed deep left by Castellanos …) and second because of this season’s drama with Yadier Molina.

On Saturday night, he made another funny moment thanks to a Reds fan who provided him with the best possible motivation before his great night on the board.

Nick Castellanos gives the Reds fan his short moment of fame

Castellanos played this perfectly, allowing a Reds fan to tell the world to live what, specifically, he told his Reds sweetheart to motivate them to win. Apparently, it was the face of Rob Manfred.

Manfred and MLB Castellanos suspended Earlier this season for his role in Cardinals-Reds beef, which he didn’t instigate. Therefore, it is safe to assume that Castellanos had all the motivation in the world to give Manfred a part of his mind.

Cincinnati remains a game under 0.500 per season, and a turn-based primarily from a 60-game shorthand campaign. Suddenly, the attack became some of the best in baseball and throwing needs a jolt.

Maybe a big win in additional roles could provide the Reds with more than just a viral moment. Currently, Cincinnati is fourth in NL Central, with four matches behind the division’s leading Cardinals.

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