Palestinian women in Jerusalem under fire from the Israeli police and settlers

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Occupation police and settlers Fierce attacks On the blessed Al-Aqsa Mosque complex and Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood In Jerusalem a large presence has been highlighted Palestinian women In the city and their participation in demonstrations condemning the Israeli attacks. These women Also held The Ligament, The act of defending Islamic sanctities, in the Al-Aqsa Mosque and Use hashtagsSave the SheikhOn social media to highlight developments there.

The participation of Jerusalemite women is an extension of the historical role that they have played since the British Mandate of Palestine. In 1925, it was women The first moving moveThey also participated in the protest to denounce the visit of then British Foreign Secretary Arthur Balfour to Jerusalem and his plans to visit Al-Aqsa Mosque.

Since then, organized women’s political activity has undergone a paradigm shift. distance Al-Buraq Uprising In 1929, a group of Jerusalemite women founded an association Arab Women Union Society in JerusalemChaired by Zulekha Al Shehabi. The Syndicate suspended its operations for a period after 1948 before that Re-registration in 1957.

An estimated 451,584 people resided in East Jerusalem in mid-2019, 9.1% of the total population in Palestine and 15.1% of the total population in the West Bank. The sex ratio in 2018 was 107.6 males per 100 females, according to Statistical Yearbook of Jerusalem 2020.

Abeer Ziad Director Revolutionary Center for Women In Silwan, a neighborhood in the south of Al-Aqsa Mosque, she told Al-Monitor that Jerusalemite women have played a prominent role in the recent developments, and that this is normal and a continuation of her approach to prioritizing the protection of Al-Aqsa Mosque and the East Jerusalem neighborhoods. She said they managed to play this role despite the responsibilities and multiple roles they play at home and at work.

Commenting on the most prominent challenges that Palestinian women face in Jerusalem, Ziad said that Jerusalemite women are subjected to severe pressures, especially those who have children and are under house arrest. Affects emotionally For them and their children and prevents them from going to work or resisting the Israeli occupation.

According to Ziad, it was the women’s home Demolished by Israel Since the occupation of Jerusalem in 1967, it has dealt with a double disaster. They are required to play many roles, including caring for their children and ensuring their safety and security, while they become homeless and homeless.

The Main challenges The policies that confront Palestinian women in Jerusalem are the policies imposed by Israel against Jerusalemites, and they are: poor And pushed them to leave school. Women, specifically CleatsDefenders of Islamic holy sites, are constantly targeted by Israel, which also carries out random arrests and undermines them. The right to family reunification With their families.

The Cleats In Al-Aqsa Mosque there is a group of activists who are working to protect the mosque from attacks by the Israeli police and settlers. They have been known over the past years for their activism in defending the mosque and becoming a symbol of resistance. Some of the most prominent stalls are Khadija Khwies And the Hanadi Halawani.

Aida Al-Sidawi, a member of the Al-Aqsa Mosque Association, told Al-Monitor that her life revolves around Al-Aqsa and the protection of the mosque through the activities of Rabat. You perform the five daily prayers there and participate in them isolation, The spiritual retreat in Islam, which is held in the mosque during the month of Ramadan to prevent Settler raids In front of the mosque.

It seems that last New generation Of the Jerusalemite women in the political struggle against Israel, the settler attacks were unconventional. They are using Social media To communicate the suffering of Palestinians in East Jerusalem, a tool that, like many, has proven successful World famous people Interact with them.

Maryam Afifi, an activist from Jerusalem best known for her Smiling for the camera During her detention by the Israeli police, she told Al-Monitor that she participated in the protests against the eviction plans in Sheikh Jarrah because she – as an individual and a woman – refuses to repeat the same displacement operations that occurred in 1948 in 1948. Sheikh Jarrah.

She said that Palestinian youth have resorted to social media during recent developments, due to the media blackout on Citizen exodus From Sheikh Jarrah in 2009.

Afifi stressed that people are free to express their opinions through social media sites that are not subject to politics, adding that it is a true media tool that helped Jerusalemites deliver their message to the world.

Jerusalemite journalist Hanadi Al-Qawasmi told Al-Monitor that three rounds of battles have erupted in Jerusalem since the beginning of Ramadan: the battle to defend the right to be present at Damascus Gate, and the battle to defend the people’s right. Staying in their homes in Sheikh Jarrah and the battle to defend Al-Aqsa Mosque and protect it from settlers.

She indicated that defending the presence of Palestinian Arabs in the city of Jerusalem and their right to keep the Palestinian issue central to them all is the common denominator in the three battles.

Commenting on how to support the steadfastness of the Jerusalemite woman, Al-Qawasmi said that each one, according to her positions, should play a role in supporting the Jerusalemite community, and then the Jerusalemite woman.

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