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Pictures: Fire and Thunder fill the night sky during the Iron Dome Test of Israel.


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With the worst violence in years between the IDF and Hamas, the sky is lit every night by a barrage of rockets sparkling in the sky and the missiles designed to counter it.

It is a show of fire and thunder that has been described as wonderful and terrifying.

Pictures of Israel’s Iron Dome defense system attempting to shoot down rockets fired by militants in Gaza were among the most circulating on the internet, even as the toll from violence emerged in light of the dawn of the following day.

“The number of Israeli dead and wounded would have been much higher had it not been for the Iron Dome system, which has always been a savior,” said Lt. Col. Jonathan Conricus, the Israeli military spokesman, this week.

Iron Dome Work started in 2011 It got its biggest test over an eight-day period in November 2014, when Gaza militants fired nearly 1,500 rockets into Israel.

While Israeli officials claimed that the success rate reached 90% during that conflict, Outside experts were skeptical.

Systems Interceptions – Just 6 inches tall and 10 feet tall Relying on miniature sensors and computerized brains to focus on short-range missiles. Israel’s largest interceptors – the Patriot and Arrow systems – can fly longer distances to hunt down larger threats.

Iron Dome It was recently upgradedHowever, details of the changes have not been made public.

In the current conflict, militants in the Gaza Strip fired nearly 3,000 rockets. The Israeli Air Force said on SundayNoting that about 1150 of them were intercepted.

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