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Romeo Miller responds to a bow to a tweet he made about going


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If not me, who ?! Right in the wake of the battle of Xscape and SWV Verzuz, many are waiting to see who gets to the next stage of the Culture’s release. There is always a constant conversation about which artist or group should face each other, but when it comes to ex-teens like Bow Wow, he wants all the smoke for his future rival. Earlier, he made a tweet that seems to be responding to it Romeo Miller.

Just two days earlier, Romeo Miller, one of The Mix’s co-hosts, spoke with Tamika “Tiny” Harris on the show and said he was the inspiration for her Xscape group that would face SWV in a friendly competition. Romeo said, “If Bow has an urgent fight and you aren’t with me, don’t do it.”

Fans of the rapper immediately spoke about whether Romeo had enough hits, and soon Bow Wow started making appearances on Twitter. It also fell into our comments section. More than 20,000 roommates shared their opinions and engaged in discussions. One commented, “Sagittarius will win their hands. Romeo is great and he’s contributed to culture and is doing a great job. But he’s not Bow Wow. He hit Bow Wow after hitting from Death Row to So So Def. It’s a big dog.”

Romeo caught up with Bow’s tweet and took to Instagram to share a message, letting people know that he didn’t hold back and said people don’t take him seriously because he’s a professional.

In the end, Romeo filtered the air and shared a video of him talking to Bow, assuring everyone that there was no beef.

Roommates We’ll be on the lookout to see if Swizz & Timbaland gives Romeo & Bow Wow the green light!

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