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At least seven Indonesians died after an overloaded boat sank in a lake on the island of Java as tourists gathered on board to take a selfie, Indonesian police announced on Sunday.

The accident occurred yesterday, Saturday, in the “Boyulali” area, when the twenty passengers suddenly gathered on one side of the boat to take a group photo, according to Java Police Chief Ahmed Lotfi.

Lotfi told reporters that “the accident was caused by overcrowding” on the boat, noting that “the twenty passengers took a selfie on the right side, which led to the boat losing its balance and capsizing.”

The police indicated that seven people drowned in the accident and 11 others were rescued, while two are still missing.

The authorities will investigate to determine “any possible negligence” on the part of the cruise organizers. Lotfi pointed out that a thirteen-year-old boy was driving the boat when the tragedy happened.

Accidents of boats and ships are frequent in Indonesia, the large archipelago in Southeast Asia consisting of about 17 thousand islands, especially due to weak “safety rules”.


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