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The resumption of studies in state schools after the end of the Eid vacation


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Students of public and private schools that apply the curriculum of the Ministry of Education, as well as foreign curricula, have resumed their school hours today after the end of the blessed Eid Al Fitr vacation.

School administrations emphasized their keenness to complete the study plans according to the specified schedule and before the start of the end-of-year examinations.

And the Emirates Foundation for School Education recently announced the holding of end-of-year examinations for the 2020-2021 academic year for students from grades four to twelfth during the period from June 8 to the 17 of the same month.

Pilot tests will also be conducted during the period from May 23 to 27, for students from grades four through twelfth as well, to ensure their readiness for final exams and to overcome any technical obstacles that may arise.

The Foundation indicated that make-up examinations will be held during the period from 20 to 24 June next to those who were unable to sit for the exams due to a technical defect or due to a justified absence. As for the students of grades from the first to the third, it is decided to exempt them from the final exams, and they will be evaluated according to their performance in the formative evaluation by the teacher.


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