The struggles of Monde’s first day in the small camp should come as no surprise

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Every time the Vikings recruit someone I consider an arrival or a mistake, they struggle during the novice little camp. When Laquon Treadwell received many points during camp after starting our 2016 NFL Draft chat with all caps “Anyone But Treadwell”, she wrote that we should be alarmed and he was mocked fiercely for reading anything (at best), or forcing bias Where it doesn’t have to be (in the worst case).

Maybe I learned my lesson, or maybe I was right but I didn’t articulate things as well as I could. In 2016 I should have said, “If he can’t do this now? How would we expect him to do it in a big place?” Either way, people wrote these dips as “a drop in focus” and not Troy Williamson’s overall or fundamental problem, until Treadwell dropped several balls and was now widely known as the bust.

Thats all about it. It’s hard to pinpoint what caused the poor results in the NFL. Case in point, Kellen Mond, whom I recently discussed with my KDLM Sports radio show, co-host of “The VikingsTerritory Breakdown” Joe Uberl about this week.

The collapse of the Vikings – the rejecting cousins

The core of my argument about Mond was the same as my missed opportunity with Treadwell. If it is (as put in a draft file) “cranky” when throwing field / out numbers? If Texas A&M got “diminishing returns” when they asked Mond to do more despite his records at that school? If only he had a roof as a precaution?

Let’s brake the Mond-hype train, shall we?

Then we cannot eliminate his suffering during the first small camp only that he “does not know the crime / his teammates” only. The key word is just there. Obviously, these things have contributed, but it’s not like the Vikings outside of those things landed a possibility like Justin Fields.

Vikings also didn’t have to trade or use the first roundabout on Mondays. why? Because it’s likely a project, and that’s the thing I’m trying to convey here. I’m not saying, “Look? It’s a bust!” But rather, Mond has a lot to learn before we can even consider handing over vows to crime stacked / elite for him.

If Justin Jefferson is frustrated with Kirk’s “second-most accurate passer-by in league history by a full percentage point” cousins? What will he do when he’s wide open and Mond turns him over or bends the ball for a run … again?

If you read the details of Will Ragatz for Day One from the junior camp, it won’t be the wrong throws or near Mond that should pique your interest but rather this quote:

“The first thing I noticed about Mond is that he still looks stiff and robot in motion. As the work on his feet and his technique continues, this should get better.”

Every caller needs a novice cue to work on things and improve, Mond is no different but seems to have issues with the basics laid out by the profile.

So if I can be patient and say give it time, all I ask is “MOND IS MAHOMES 2.0!” The crowd does the same.

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