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The US military is testing a new tube-launched unmanned aircraft system


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The US Army is experimenting with a new type of unmanned aircraft system designed to fire from a two-tube launcher group mounted on an extremely lightweight Polaris DAGOR vehicle.

The Multifunctional Lifting Vertical Future Team shared some footage from the 2021 Experiment Demonstration Gate event – held at the Dugway Proving Ground, which apparently showed the launch of a small, compact, tactical UAV from Area I, or ALTIUS, the Dagur rover.

One of the photos provided by the army’s Future Vertical Lift Cross-Functional Team shows the launch of a small unmanned aircraft from the Dagur vehicle while driving.

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Designed to be recoverable, ALTIUS is an orange tubular body with wings that unfold once it self-stabilizes after release – it can be set to any relatively flat surface.

ALTIUS has also been launched in the past by C-130, AC-130J, P-3 aircraft and UH-60 Black Hawk helicopters.

Its precise capabilities have been rated, but military officials said early on that the new unmanned aircraft would reach “hundreds of kilometers”.

According to open sources, the new ALTIUS unmanned aircraft system can be launched for a variety of tasks, including electronic warfare, signal intelligence, anti-UAS, intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance, and can be equipped to produce kinetic effects.

ALTIUS provides the ability to locate the enemy’s location and transmit information that will ultimately be used to protect Warfighter.

ALTIUS launched from UH-60 Black Hawk at Yuma Proving Ground, photographed by Amy Tolson


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