Vaccination is mandatory for workers in commercial places

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The Ministry of Rural Affairs and Housing has introduced a mandatory step for all workers in commercial places, which include cafes, bakeries, restaurants, and food outlets, in addition to workers in men’s barbershops, men’s beauty salons, and women’s beauty salons.

Vaccination is mandatory for workers in commercial places

The ministry has urged all workers who work in commercial places to get vaccinated against COVID-19 to protect their health and the health of others while they are working in public places. The ministry made it mandatory for all workers to be vaccinated.

If no worker has been vaccinated in a commercial setting, they will need to present the PCR test results every seven days at the expense of the institution in which they work.

Compulsory immunization for workers in commercial activities

A similar directive is applied to all people working in sports centers, gyms and health centers to get vaccinated against the Coronavirus, otherwise they have to submit a PCR test every seven days without fail.

The Public Transport Authority has directed all drivers and employees of the Public Transport Administration (buses, taxis, trains) to be vaccinated.

The Ministry of Health expanded the Coronavirus vaccination campaign by opening vaccination centers in all regions of the Kingdom, in order to preserve the health and safety of citizens and residents.

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