What does the new PS5 DualSense gaming console mean, and when does it reach users?

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Sony recently unveiled new versions of controllers PS5 Galaxy-inspired DualSense, available in Midnight Black and Cosmic Red, is where it comes Control arm The PS5 DualSense has a new design and two color options.

The first choice of PS5 DualSense, known as “Midnight Black”, comes in two shades of black, with shades of gray, which the company refers to as revealing our vision of the outer space when looking at the night sky.

While the second model, the first known as “Cosmic Red”, comes in shades of red and black colors, as the company was inspired by the design of the control arm from the colors of the galaxy, and the first model of the Midnight joystick is scheduled to be available at a price of $ 70, while the second model Cosmic will be launched at a price $ 75, provided that the new versions are available for pre-booking now and will be available for purchase on the 18th of June.


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