Why is the ceasefire between Israel and Hamas faltering in Gaza?

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Extensive Israeli destruction of the Gaza Strip and the ceasefire efforts have so far been unsuccessful

Until now, since the outbreak of the military confrontation, between Israel and the Palestinians in Gaza, it seemed that none of the international and regional efforts aimed at a ceasefire between the two sides had been successful, in light of the gap between the vision of the Hamas leadership in Gaza on the one hand, and the Israeli leadership on the other side, In light of his refusal, most of the reports indicate that he comes mainly from Israel.

And the Israeli Intelligence Minister, Eli Cohen, summarized the Israeli refusal, in statements in which he said that his government decided to reject any proposals regarding the possibility of stopping its new military operations in the Gaza Strip, and in an interview with the Israeli Army Radio on Thursday May 13th, Cohen said, ” We agreed yesterday to totally reject all the different requests for a ceasefire. “

Why does Israel refuse?

The Israeli minister considered that the proposed mediation to reduce the escalation came mainly from the “Hamas” movement, stressing that the current Israeli army plans related to the assassination of senior leaders in the movement, and the reports had indicated that the Israeli side rejected the Egyptian mediation, supported by a Qatari, Turkish and international effort. In light of talk of Israel’s desire to continue its military campaign on Gaza, with the aim of exhausting Hamas’s capabilities, and with the aim of obtaining a moral victory and popular satisfaction at the home, the Israeli leadership.

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