Woke Culture won’t get in the way of true journalism

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The awakened crowd trying to shut down the true and honest press …

What does it mean to be a true and honest journalist? Lots of grit and determination. As trite as it may sound, it is very true. But what happens when an awakened crowd of those who think the world should have only one opinion tries to gain control of the roost? We are resisting with facts. Since we have been on the receiving end of tweets calling us deaf due to “not understanding the situation”, the struggle to maintain the level of capital is real.

In recent months, we’ve done nothing but report on the never-ending drama with Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. These two leeches have gotten into the wake-up crowd By trying to silence their critics. Veteran journalist Pierce Morgan who discovered the mistakes of the former actress, The employer told him to be quiet or to quit. However, this came after an interview with Oprah Winfrey where the members of the royal family broke up the British royal family.

Markle, who has been blogging with TigSeems to have forgotten that lies can be debunked. Look at the lies you told during your Oprah interview. She said she never searched for her husband or his family on the Internet. She is quite literally She mentioned her now-in-law sister Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, and her husband’s father, Prince Charles. However, did she forget that she was running a website with incriminating evidence? We used the information to dismantle her phishing network.

As the conflict between the royal family and the awakened Sussexes continues, journalists change like our friend Sue Smith on YouTube They made it their mission to promote the truth. Sue caught our attention across it Oprah interview reveals the falsehood of the videos. She also does not retract her opinion and shows evidence of what she has to say.

in the media

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There is no waking up culture just on the Internet. It inhabits the world like an unseen, undeclared plague that will not simply disappear. This is what the aforementioned likes of Pierce Morgan, TV personality Sharon Osborne and Dan Wootton are trying to fight.

Mrs. Osborne, wife of the rock god, Ozzy Osborne and a member of the talk show, the talk Was fired from her post after defending Pierce, who says she has a right to have an opinion, according to her. Limit. Although she’s just not right, she defended him when co-committee member Sherrill Underwood claimed that he was a racist.

Sharon, who has always been outspoken, questions Underwood if she ever heard Pierce say anything racist. Sherrill couldn’t cough up a single example and cared, saying he was referring to “racist undertones” as a bad attempt to cover herself up. Later, she was interviewed and claimed to have a “PSTD” from the experience accordingly news.com.au. Moreover, this is her way of making herself the victim.

Dan Wootton, now a journalist for the Daily Mail, He wrote for the publication that he is now working for him that he was a presenter on a TV show He was told to say nice things about Sussex by the producers. He, like many of us, believes in honest journalism and refuses to report something that is not true. He quit in November 2019 in protest after ten years of working with them. This is similar to what Pierce Morgan did when he was asked to do the same. However, there is a difference. Meghan Markle herself sent a personal complaint to ITV.

Woke Crowd loves to try and cancel people out for fun

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This next part has little to do with the art of journalism, but it does reveal to the awake audience what kind of people they are. You may have heard of the abolition culture. It’s a rotten and dirty thing that drives people to lose their jobs unnecessarily. Looking at What happened with Sparkle Actor Hartley Sawyer For example.

For those who didn’t know, Hartley Sawyer was fired from Sparkle After the old anti-women tweets appeared nearly a decade ago. For about a week, nothing was reported. But then came the announcement of his quitting, leaving writers scrambling to write him off the show. Model, Eric Wallace, and the series’ lead, Grant Justin, have made their positions on the situation very clear; The man had to be fired. None of this would happen if people who had nothing to do woke up and did not intrude.

Even so, the same goes for what’s going on right now with Candice Patton, who is the lead woman on the same show. The awakened crowd searched her tweets and found messages from 2012 indicating that she wanted someone to kill herself. If not fired, the audience will call The CW for hypocrisy after what happened with Sawyer. Now, the situations are very different but we think the racist fans are behind this.

The reason we think this is because, for years, speculation has surfaced that Candace and co-star Danielle Panapaker disagree. we’ve got I mentioned this I was bombed by people on Twitter saying we are “tone deaf”.

What is the point of trying to cancel someone?

Now, we have to ask; What is the point of trying to cancel someone? Even so, what does it achieve? Is it some kind of personal satisfaction because … what exactly? We have reason to believe that on the side of the racist Sparkle Fans, there’s a chance some SnowBarry fans wanted Candice Patton to go so Barry could be written to be with Caitlin. Yes, it will not happen. Eric Wallace wouldn’t allow that. Now, we’re not saying that all SnowBarry fans are terrified of Iris. We see the same level of hatred from many WestAllen fans regarding Caitlin.

Most SnowBarry fans have not read comics or watched animated shows like Young Justice Where Barry married Iris.

This is a trait we see all the time from toxic fans. They don’t like a certain change of something then try to correct it by canceling an actor by digging for dirt. While we believe in accountability, if there is little or no evidence, it must be brought to an end. See what happened with Ray Fisher. We think he’s just pissed off because he’s not getting the screen time he wanted Justice Squad. Do we think the abuse happened? Yes, but we don’t think John Berg or Geoff Jones has anything to do with them. Joss Whedon has always been a sore spot To people. If Johns had done something, he wouldn’t be allowed to continue producing Star Girl.

Fisher claims he has evidence, but he hasn’t provided it yet. Also, he failed to conduct his research because the president of DC Films, Walter Hamadeh, did not take over the position until January 2018 distance Justice League knocked out and performed poorly. Moreover, he had absolutely no affiliation with the movie.

An awakened crowd should not have a platform

People like Sussexes and people who love terrible fans trolling and trying to cancel celebs shouldn’t have a platform. It doesn’t matter whether it’s social media or through someone else’s medium like a podcast or radio show. All forms of journalism are meant to be a force for good and change. But by challenging what has been around for years, you are only sowing the seeds of contempt. You bring in bitter individuals who think they have been wronged by woodwork or better yet, keyboard warriors.

There is no such thing as a utopia. Moreover, the rules are supposed to be followed and should only be broken when the line is crossed. Journalism was invented to expose the truth, not to invent stories with the sole purpose of destroying people’s lives. Furthermore, see how Rebel Wilson filed a lawsuit against Bauer Media that owned the New Idea magazine (as per dictionary).

For her, it was never about money. Its aim was to expose tabloid newspapers’ dirty tactics to sell magazines. Because of the stories printed about her, she lost her cinematic roles.

Finally, the reason most people have a hard time trusting the media is the tabloids. They are a danger that should be ignored. The “reporters” who write so-called “exclusives” are not real journalists. In conclusion, they were hired to be creative writers and to invent any piece of information that they could only sell to magazines. The public often believes what is written.

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