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Yes, Biden governs progressively. Are you surprised


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President Biden’s critics accuse Republicans of wrongly “baiting and turning” on the electorate – that he campaigned as a moderate but suddenly veered to the left after reaching the White House.

Republican House Leader Kevin McCarthy complained about Bakersfield last month: “The bait would have been bipartisan, but the switch is that he’s ruling as a socialist.”

Senate Republican President Mitch McConnell of Kentucky said, “He speaks like a moderator but he rules to please the far left.”

They are right in one respect: Biden pushes ambition A progressive program While making it look good, moderate.

But the accusation of false advertising is false. Biden never concealed his big government goals. They were all in plain sight on his stage.

Still on Campaign site For anyone who wants to check. Candidate Biden has called for more than $ 4 trillion in new federal spending, starting with immediate stimulus to help the economy recover from the COVID-19 pandemic. It has included massive proposals to combat climate change, rebuild infrastructure, reduce poverty, support childcare, and provide comprehensive pre-kindergarten education.

Look familiar? All of those panels are back in Biden’s proposals this year: his $ 1.9 trillion COVID-19 relief bill, his $ 2 trillion jobs plan, and his $ 1.8 trillion family policy plan.

To be fair, McCarthy and McConnell might have been too busy to read their opponent’s long and detailed program. Their party saved time by not having a platform at all.

But they certainly noticed when former President Obama released a video last year praising Biden for “the most advanced platform for any major party candidate in history.” Or at Biden in his last appearance Campaign speech, Compared his program to the new Franklin D. Roosevelt program, developing a pandemic plan, a healthcare plan, a climate plan and an economic plan “to give workers a fair chance again.”

“None of this should be a surprise,” said Greg Schultz, Biden’s campaign manager during the pre-season last year. “My only surprise is that people were not listening.”

McCarthy and McConnell were not the only ones downplaying Biden’s commitments. Lots of progressives didn’t believe it, either.

After all, during the primaries, Biden presented himself as a moderate. A practical alternative To Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont.

Biden’s Democratic rivals criticized him for the centrist positions he held for decades: his opposition in the 1970s to mandatory school transfers to abolish apartheid, and his vote in 1994 for the then President Clinton’s Punitive Crimes Bill. These old disagreements made him seem like a far-fetched relic.

But they forgot one of Biden’s most prominent traits: his adaptability. It is – as critics used to say about Roosevelt – like a political chameleon.

During his 51 years in politics, Biden had always placed himself at the center of his party – which required a steady evolution to the left.

Biden in 2008 who ran for vice president was more progressive than Biden in 1994 who voted for Clinton’s crime bill. Biden in self-proclaimed 2012 gay marriage was more progressive than Biden in 2008.

When he contemplated entering the 2016 presidential race, he intended to run to the left of Hillary Clinton and the right of Bernie Sanders – a classic Biden maneuver to find his party center point.

Biden wrote of that campaign plans that were never launched in his 2017 diary: “Biden had a big boss.” “$ 15 minimum wage. Free tuition fees in our colleges and public universities. Real job training. Affordable on-site childcare. Equal pay for women. Promoting the Affordable Care Act. A job creation program based on investment in and modernizing our roads and bridges … We needed what I called the American renewal project. “

Look familiar?

By the time Biden ran in 2020, two things had happened that pushed him further.

One of them was the COVID-19 pandemic, which has made clear to both parties that significant spending is needed to save the economy. After Republican leaders, including then President Trump, approved more than $ 3.8 trillion in coronavirus relief last year, the Republican Party’s complaints about big money requests from the new president appeared. hollow.

The second is the Democrats’ unexpected takeover of 50 Senate seats, which means the new president can pass much of his platform without the Republican votes. Yes, Biden promised to pursue Bipartisan concessions But now he no longer has to worry about crippling Republicans whose sole aim was to stop his show in its tracks.

And this – the bogus accusations of “bait and switch” into politics – is perhaps what makes Mitch McConnell so complaining.

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