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Zain Karazon is under widespread attack after describing sympathizers with the Palestinian cause as “actors” (video)


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date of publication:
May 16, 2021 7:13 GMT

Update date: May 16, 2021 7:30 GMT

The Jordanian social media star, Zain Karazon, was subjected to a widespread attack, after she was accused of “insulting” the sympathizers of the Palestinians who are fighting an escalation against Israel, especially in the Gaza Strip, which was subjected to violent bombardment, which resulted in martyrs and wounded.

Zain, the sister of Jordanian actress Diana Karazon, published a video clip on the story feature of her Snapchat account, on Saturday evening, in which she attacked what she described as “cynical” about the Palestinian cause.

Zain said that the Palestinians have been suffering for thousands of years, and some leave what is happening in their country and all that is suffering from it, and do nothing but attack and criticize others on the communication sites under the pretext of defending the Palestinian cause.

Curzon was responding to the widespread campaign of criticism against those described as “influential” on the communication sites, due to their “absence” of what is happening in the Palestinian territories.

Zain added, “I did not appear today to be justified, and no one can talk about my love for Palestine .. I am doing what I can.”

And she continued, “We are not influential in this (Palestinian) issue, and this issue does not need people like us to tell the world they love Palestine, and whoever loves Palestine does not need anyone to say to him I love Palestine.”

Zain Karazon criticized the people who want to cause confusion on the communication sites, saying that the love of Palestine is not by posting pictures and videos on the communication sites.

She described those who went out on the communication sites and expressed their sadness over what is happening to the Palestinians, as being “actors”.

Zain Karazon’s clip sparked outrage on the communication sites, and activists accused her of “offending the Palestinian cause and its sympathizers.”

An activist commented on the communication sites, saying: “In short, there is a business that has no money to tell about … These are people who sold themselves to Satan and then settled in their hearts and took mercy from them.”

Another activist wrote: “The Palestinian issue has no views. Either you are with it or you are a traitor.”

Other activists called for the unfollowing of Zain Karazon’s accounts on social media, as a form of expression of rejection of what she said.

Other activists called for a boycott of all companies that broadcast advertisements offered by Zain Curzon, as they usually make advertisements for a number of companies.

On the other hand, some activists considered what Zain Karazon said was correct, considering that it “does not affect the Palestinian cause and is not required of her to sympathize with it.”


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