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Aisha Musa resigns from the membership of the Sudanese Sovereignty Council


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One of only two women in Sudan’s ruling Sovereignty Council announced today, Saturday, that she will resign, accusing the transitional government By ignoring the voices of civilians.

The 14-member Military-Civil Council was formed along with a council of technocrats to lead Sudan during a transitional period after the army ousted Omar al-Bashir in 2019 after months of popular protests.

“The civilian component in the sovereign and at all levels of government has become just an executive and logistical apparatus that does not participate in decision-making, but seals by accepting only pre-prepared decisions,” Aisha Moussa said in a video statement broadcast by Sudan News Agency.

She added that she submitted her resignation on May 12, a day after protesters were killed commemorating a bloody raid on a protest site during the 2019 uprising. It accused the transitional authorities of leading the country to “more killing, injustice, poverty and suffering.”

Aisha complained that the investigation into the 2019 raid has not been completed and its results have not been revealed. Activists say 130 people were killed in that raid and the ensuing violence. The authorities admitted the death of 87 people.

Medics, protest groups and eyewitnesses said that the security forces fired live bullets and tear gas at the protesters, who were observing the memorial this month.

The Sudanese Armed Forces denied the authenticity of the statement issued in its name regarding what happened during the marches that came on the second anniversary of the operation to disperse the sit-in in front of the army command.

She said that she formed an investigation committee to find out the perpetrators, and confirmed her full cooperation with the judicial and legal authorities to reach the facts, and stressed that it is ready to bring to justice everyone who is proven involved in the events.

Two people were killed and dozens of others were injured when Sudanese security forces dispersed a gathering to demand justice for demonstrators killed in anti-government protests nearly two years ago, the army announced on Wednesday.

Prime Minister Abdullah Hamdok expressed his “shock” at the fall of the two dead, denouncing “the crime of using live ammunition against peaceful demonstrators.”

The Sudanese army said in a statement that “unfortunate events resulted in the death of two people and the injury of others,” referring to the opening of an investigation into the accident. He affirmed his “full readiness” to present “anyone who is found involved in the judiciary.”


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