Five Greatest NBA Series Matches of All Time

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We all know playoffs are the most entertaining must-watch because the teams have it all – offensive and defensive. Be it the first round, the second round, or the conference finals, the post season has produced some of the greatest of them NBA Playoff series for all time.

Best NBA Playoff Series Ever

Almost all of the best professional basketball league chains are decided on 7 matches. The teams will not quit, and some will even return from a major deficit in the streak. Many legendary moments came from that series.

Let’s check out the five best NBA playoff series ever.

Warriors against Thunder, 2016

What will happen when the two best offensive teams in the league collide? Definitely one hell of a series!

The 2016 Western Conference Finals between Warriors and Thunder were an offensive attack from the start. Both teams shot endlessly at will. This was clearly a battle of who was the best team to score. Stephen Curry And the Kevin Durant They competed in every match, averaging 28 points per game and 30 points per game, respectively.

The series started with a 3–1 Thunder advance but the Warriors wanted the last 3 matches in their favor. Carrie W. Clay Thompson They were smoldering every long string. The Thunder couldn’t find an answer to the Splash Brothers and was eventually defeated in a series of 7 games.

After losing the thunder, Durant left and joined the Warriors Free agency.

Clippers vs Tottenham, 2015

2015 Clippers vs Spurs is one of the best first-round match series ever.

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Tottenham was clearly aging rapidly after their last championship. Tim Duncan He was 38 Manu Ginobili He was 37 and Tony Parker He was 32. However, they still had a rising star Kawhi Leonard At that time, he had emerged as one of the best two-way league players.

Meanwhile, the Loeb City Clippers were considered one of the hottest teams in the league. “Lube, jam!” I heard this the whole time when watching them. Led by the Big Three –Chris PaulAnd the Blake Griffin, And the Diandre Jordan.

The series was pushed into Game 7 and we all know what happened in the end. Paul fired a legendary match-winning shot at Duncan to advance the Clippers to the second round.

Celtics v. The 76ers, 1981

Let’s go back to the eighties. The 1981 Eastern Conference Finals between the Celtics and the 76ers were legendary. The series featured a star-studded lineup with NBA legends such as Julius IrvingAnd the Morris ChicksAnd the Bird LarryAnd the Kevin McHale, And the Robert Parrish.

The series was a fierce fight from the start and only one game was a blast. Almost all games are identified with one or two properties.

In their first four matches, the 76ers led the series 3–1. However, the Celtics team is back in a historic way.

In Game 7, Bird hit the match-winning jumper to advance the Celtics to the NBA Finals.

Kings v. Lakers, 2002

Kings and Lakers went to each other for this series. During this time, the Lakers have been the defending champions for two years in a row.

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However, their competitor is in California Sacramento Kings He was ready to challenge them. After all, they are raising the best attacking in the league and have a deep lineup with players like Chris WeberAnd the Pia StojakovicAnd the Vlad Devak, And the Mike Baby.

The series was a brawler that led to Playoff 7. In Game 7, copy print And the Shaquille O’Neal Drop a total of 65 points to bury the Hot Kings team.

The Lakers won the epic series but the Kings won the hearts of many. NBA fans considered Kings to be one of the greatest teams to never win a title.

Celtics v. Bulls, 2009

Who would have thought this rookie Derek rose And the I’m Gordon Would that give the defending champions a tough match and push them into a 7-match streak? This match is considered the greatest playoff series in the NBA of all time.

The Celtics had the Big 4 Championship lineup with Kevin GarnettAnd the Rondo areaAnd the Ray Allen, And the Paul Pierce. Nevertheless, the defensive player of the year, Kevin GarnettHe did not play due to an injury at the end of the season. But even so, the Celtics were intimidating.

During the series, there were clutch plays after clutch plays. This led to a lot of changes in lead and overtime games. One game went to three additional periods (Game 6).

Gordon was unrealistic for the Bulls who averaged 24 points per game. Meanwhile, rookie Rose averaged 20 points per match. For the Celtics, Allen averaged 23 points per game, lost a match of 51 points, and hit clutch shots after clutch shots.

After a grueling streak, the Celtics were able to win.

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