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A truck accident on SZR ahead of the Mall of the Emirates caused a major delay


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Dubai Police issued a warning against delaying traffic on Sheikh Zayed Road before the Mall of the Emirates towards the mall.

Congestion is caused by a truck overturning on the side of the highway.

No injuries were reported so far. This is a developing story.

Dubai Police urges motorists to drive with caution

Please note that congestion at accident sites may result in a fine of AED 1000.

The Supreme Committee for Crisis and Disaster Management in Dubai has announced revised COVID-19 precautionary measures for events and restos across Dubai.

All updated measures will go into effect today, Monday, May 17. However, wearing a face mask and observing social distancing in public will remain mandatory.

The list of revised regulations includes:

1. Restos are able to sit down 10 people per table

2. Cafes to allow now 6 per table

3. Internal events to allow 1500 attendees

4. Outdoor events to allow 2,500 participants

5. Entertainment places can have a larger capacity 70%

6. Raise the hotel occupancy ceiling to 100%

7. Attendance at weddings on Role he is A maximum of 30, In compliance with COVID-19 regulations

8. Restaurants are permitted Lunch resume With strict adherence to the updated precautionary measures identified by the authorities

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