After a three-month deadline … Iran calls for restricting the work of inspectors from the International Atomic Energy Agency | Politics News

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Iran preceded the press conference scheduled for Sunday by the Director of the International Atomic Energy Agency, Rafael Grossi, on its nuclear program by calling for restricting the work of the agency’s inspectors after the deadline of the agreement expired yesterday.

The semi-official Iranian “Fars News Agency” quoted the head of the Iranian Islamic Consultative Assembly (Parliament), Muhammad Baqir Qalibaf, as saying today that the three-month nuclear monitoring agreement between Tehran and the International Atomic Energy Agency ended as of yesterday, Saturday, with the end of the 3-month agreement. “The agency will not be able to see the data collected by the cameras inside the nuclear facilities.”

Qalibaf affirmed that the council “is determined to implement the details of the law of the strategic initiative to abolish the ban and safeguard the interests of the Iranian people in a timely manner,” stressing that “the International Atomic Energy Agency has no right to access the cameras of the Atomic Energy Organization in the country’s nuclear centers after the three-month deadline specified in accordance with the law.” “.

During the Iranian parliament meeting today, a member of the Presidium of the Iranian Shura Council, Ali Reza Salimi, said, “The International Atomic Energy Agency had a 3-month period to fulfill its obligations, but this matter did not happen and their legal deadline expired yesterday.”

He added, “According to the aforementioned law, all pictures and video recordings with the Atomic Energy Organization cameras must be erased. We expect the organization to announce quickly that the agency’s opportunity has ended, and that the photos and video recordings have been removed.”

“We should never allow the strategic initiative to abolish the ban to become like the law of countermeasure in implementing the nuclear agreement, because the latter law was not well implemented,” Salimi added.

Salimi called on the Chairman of the Council to instruct the President of the Atomic Energy Organization not to delay in this area, adding, “Pictures and video recordings with the cameras of the Atomic Energy Organization must be erased, and everyone should know that the Council confirms the implementation of the law and that this Council is not like its predecessor.”

The International Atomic Energy Agency had said earlier that it was in talks with Tehran about ways to move forward with the monitoring agreement.

The agency announced that its director, Rafael Grossi, will hold a press conference today, Sunday, regarding the Iranian nuclear program, with the expiration of the term of the technical agreement that was signed in February to ease the restrictions imposed by Tehran, and he will inform journalists of developments related to the monitoring and verification work carried out by the agency inside Iran.

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