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Breaking down the making of Prince Harry while Megan sits down


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Is Prince Harry on the verge of a public meltdown?

Attacks come faster than anyone can track them. Prince Harry is on the verge of public collapse, and the evidence is overwhelming. He accused his family of bullying, racism and neglect while he plunged into the abyss that is Megan’s pool of deception. The royal couple looks at Montecito around like a deer staring at the headlights of an oncoming car and not understanding why the people are so unpolished. The world does not care about two rich people who complain about their privilege.

During documentary series on Apple TV, I can’t see it, Harry talks about Meghan’s suicidal thoughts. He says she told him that she wouldn’t kill herself because she didn’t want him to lose another woman in his life. While we are not touching the revelation, something is not true. A person who is thinking about ending his life does not automatically get over it. This thought process was illustrated by the author Emily Zanotti on Twitter.

[Credit: @emzanotti – Twitter]

according to Mayo Clinic List of symptoms, Markle did not meet all criteria for someone with suicidal tendencies.

It takes years to cope with suicidal thoughts, Emily points out. You just don’t get over it after a few weeks. Also, Megan has no history of mental illness. Mental health problems usually begin in childhood. It is not available for everyone but quite often.

Editor’s note: Speaking from my experience, my dad is depressed and he’s undergoing treatment and I can tell you, it took a few years for him to come back again.

If what Megan said was true and she had suicidal tendencies, something would have been done. We suspect they would have turned it down because the doctors are on guard. Several members of the royal family received treatment. Princess Margaret got it as Prince William and Harry did after their mother’s death.

Princess Diana’s fight against Meghan’s allegations

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Now, we all know Princess Diana was struggling with her mental health. The Independent Reports indicate that the late Princess of Wales threw herself down the stairs when she was four months pregnant with Prince William. This information was recorded by author Andrew Morton in 1991 when Welles’s marriage began to crack. As explained according to From the inside She suffers from postpartum depression which she mentioned during the 1995 Panorama interview.

The late Queen also said that she had never experienced depression in her life before she was pregnant with her eldest son. She said she did so that her husband, Prince Charles, would take notice of her and listen.

Going to Megan and she claims she had suicidal tendencies when she was five months pregnant with Archie. We need to emphasize (again) that we don’t ignore the allegations, but what Harry says in an Apple documentary series is meaningless. If she wants to kill herself, how can she claim that she does not want to do so and then leave him with her child? If she would, she would have taken the baby with her. She still had four months until their son was born.

Now, Meghan’s claims could just be a coincidence. Or it could be a ploy to get Harry away from his family sooner. Not a secret The Duchess of Sussex has a history of lying. She confessed even early in her acting career, lied to directors’ choice about owning an actor’s union card when she wasn’t according to daily Mail.

Megan got Harry’s full attention while pregnant with Archie. Also, during her two-year stint as a Working Kings, she made only 72 engagements. How can she say that she became depressed when she was spending more time on outside holidays than she did?

Harry attacks his family because they see the truth and he refuses to do so

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Harry’s public meltdown cemented what people had been thinking for a while. He is in an emotionally abusive marriage. His family can see her from a mile away. This is why they asked him to step with caution. We know William told his brother to get to know Megan first before he jumped on her to marry her. Even Tom “Skippy” Inscape, Harry’s best friend, told him the same thing. As Prince Philip did.

Skippy paid the ultimate price for speaking out about his hatred for Meghan. He and his wife were invited to the wedding but not invited to the reception after that. This would have Markle do because she didn’t want him in Harry’s ear and tell him he had wrongly married her. Beside that, None of the Duke of Sussex’s friends came to support him Harry and Megan. Also, one of Harry’s godmothers had a strange conversation with the Clooney family. When I asked them how they knew the couple, they said they did not know. This raises the red flags.

As mentioned before, Megan saw her wedding as an opportunity to network which is why she invited the likes of Clooney, Idris Elba and Oprah. The event was never about her celebration and Harry’s love for each other, at least for her it wasn’t. For the Duke, it was like this. After all, his entire family was there. Not all of them supported the union at the time, and we think they all regret supporting it now.

Harry was so excited about marrying Megan that he was willing to “ protect ” her by attacking his family. Rumors have been circulating for some time that he threatens to marry her without his grandmother’s consent. After that, there was speculation that he would have called his family a “racist” if they hadn’t accepted Markle.

Public meltdown would be Harry’s regression

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Harry’s collapse would be more explosive than most people might think. Hitting his family is one thing, but he will have a lot of people hitting the deck. He will escalate his anger on the military, the charities he has been a patron of, and his ex-friends afterward. He’s sank so low that he never stops thinking about his grandmother, who (still) mourns the loss of her husband for 73 years. We’ve said this before but it’s no wonder Sophie and Edward, and apparently, Camilla refused to speak to him At the funeral of the Duke of Edinburgh.

Much of the world who admired and loved Harry could no longer stand aside and hear his grumbling celebration of how terrible his life was. He’s a man worth millions of dollars and lives in a $ 14 million mansion while he’s got a televised wedding of $ 43 million. Then he makes a stupid claim that this is not a privilege. Um … yes, it is. Most people are not worth millions unless they win the lottery.

Before Megan fell into Harry’s life, William and Catherine were closest to him. He accused his brother of being “arrogant” while Megan said Kate “made her cry”. This is where the breakdown started and it won’t slow down. They think the more they pay, the more “apology” they will get. Why should the royal family “apologize” when it was the Sussex family that weighed in?

When it comes down to it, Harry will really feel what it means to be alone. His wife will not help him. In fact, she will wake up and take her two young children with her. Knowing Megan, she will try to take Diana’s jewelry with her as often as she can.

Meghan’s part in Harry’s meltdown

Pity;  Psychological health
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Since she is known for her crocodile tears, Megan will be the one who will benefit the most from her husband’s breakdown. She just waits for her time. When he’s broken, she’ll make herself look like the victim and say her love wasn’t enough to save him. Too bad nobody would believe it except for Sussex and her friends.

Harry may convince himself and those around him that he is happy, but the fact of the matter is that he is not so and this is clear. Every time you see him wearing the same shirt with the same tired facial expression. After that, he begins publishing what Megan has written of the authority of the word to say. Before meeting Oprah, people might have felt sorry for him, but after he publicly dragged his family while his grandfather Prince Philip was about to die, that was when the shoe fell off. How can we, the audience that watched him grow up and make mistakes as a teenager and young man, support him in demolishing the family that prevented him from collapsing after the death of his mother?

With all the lies told not only by Meghan, but Harry too, it’s hard to believe that the world embraced him when he was a little boy who was the same person. The former actress pushed him to the point of no return. His family will never welcome him back unless he abandons his wife and / or corrects his behavior. We were rejecting something else, but we decided to reject it because it is cruel, even if there is justification for our extreme hatred of Markle.

Megan got everything she wanted. the man. Address. Two children.

Harry has lost more than he thinks

Lose, collapse
[Credit: People Magazine]

Convincing yourself that you are happy while you are on the verge of the massive downfall of his wife’s narcissistic personality and demands, is bound to affect any man. Harry has lost much more than he thinks he has lost. The The public lost all respect for him. His family got cold when he returned to his grandfather’s funeral. How does he say that he was surprised by this at all? He treats them like total shit but expects them to cuddle it. How many brain cells did Megan pull from his head?

He thinks he’s right by calling his father “terrible parents”. what about All the Hassan Prince Charles You did to him? How about how He credits William for helping him get the treatment, but then he changes the story to say it is Megan This helped him. Uh … whatever happened to Oprah’s original novel as they both claim she didn’t get counseling?

People try against Harry so much that when the meltdown happens, no one will care.

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