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For the first time since his divorce, Bill Gates appears in public with the wedding ring


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After the media and communication sites were filled with a divorce story Bill Gates And his wife, Melinda, the American billionaire appeared in public for the first time wearing his wedding ring on the finger of his left hand.

The 65-year-old Microsoft founder was spotted in Manhattan on Saturday after a flight to New Jersey the day before with several travel companions, including a woman believed to be his youngest daughter Phoebe and boyfriend Chaz Flynn.

Gates also appeared bearded, after New York lifted the procedure for wearing masks to prevent corona virus, according to the British newspaper, “Daily Mail”.

Ring in his left hand

While the man seemed to be confused, far from the “sorrow” of the divorce, it seemed that he did not quickly abandon the wedding ring, which was clearly visible in his left hand.

The couple had been out of the limelight since their separation, but their 25-year-old daughter, Jennifer, was spotted competing in a horse show in New York on Thursday.

The twenty-year-old won the second place award in her first competition, in addition to the third place award in her second competition.

Also, Jennifer has also shown full support for both of her parents in recent weeks. She posted a photo on Instagram on Mother’s Day with her mother and siblings. She also shared a story on the same app with her father.

Divorce filled the world

It is noteworthy that Gates and his wife Melinda announced their divorce on May 3 after a marriage that lasted 27 years, in a story that has occupied the world because of its repercussions, especially with regard to inheritance.

Melinda was preparing to separate for a long time, according to what the “Wall Street Journal” revealed earlier this month, amid fears of her husband’s relationship with the businessman who was convicted of sexual assault, Geoffrey Epstein.

The same newspaper also revealed that Gates resigned completely as president of “Microsoft” was linked to an affair with an employee of the company dating back to the beginning of the first decade of the twenty-first century.


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