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Hamas has won the media war – Middle East Monitor


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The head of the Yesh Atid party, Yair Lapid, said on Facebook that the Israeli government had failed in its bombing campaign in Gaza.

“This government has failed to fulfill all the responsibilities entrusted to it, failed to implement the house fortification project, and failed miserably to deliver its message through the media. There are simply no words to describe this failure,” he added.

Lapid, who is tasked with forming a new government after the March elections, added that Hamas, which he described as an “extremist, murderous and racist terrorist organization,” had defeated the Israeli government in the liberal Western media battle.

He continued, “The government failed when it preferred to preserve Hamas’ rule in order to weaken the Palestinian Authority.”

Lapid said, “After 11 days of the military operation, any Israeli citizen will ask himself: What did the government want to achieve by launching the military operation? What kind of policy and long-term strategic goal that the government wants to establish in the confrontation with Hamas in Gaza .. and what is happening there. And the current military operation prevents the next round?

The Israeli official called on Netanyahu to respond to Biden’s request for a ceasefire, saying: “At the beginning of the military operation, President Biden gave full and justified support for Israel’s right to defend its citizens. After 11 days, the US President requested an end to the military operation after the Israeli army had achieved its goals and it cannot be. Israel should ignore this demand. We have more urgent challenges from Gaza, Iran, the nuclear agreement, the tension in Syria, and the increasing influence of Hezbollah. All these issues still await and must be resolved, and in order to confront them all, we will need to maintain close and tight coordination with the Americans. “

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He added, “Hamas must be weakened at the military and civilian levels. On the military level, Israel must deal relentless strikes anytime Hamas tries to act, in addition to implementing a policy of zero tolerance against the movement, including the assassination of its members.” Continuous pressure must be put on them through cooperation with the local population. “

Lapid explained, “We have to create a situation in which the people of Gaza have something to lose. The model is Lebanon. The main reason behind Hezbollah’s warning against entering into a direct confrontation with us is the fact that in the Second Lebanon War. We attacked Lebanon’s infrastructure ruthlessly, and Nasrallah knows that if they confront us. The Beirut port, airports, local industry and commercial centers will turn into clouds of dust and fire. Hezbollah, like Hamas, is not only a terrorist organization but also a political movement, which means that they do not want the entire population of Lebanon to turn against them because of a devastating confrontation with Israel, and a similar model must be applied. In Gaza too. “

a cease-fire It took control of Gaza at 2 am local time (11 pm GMT). Reports stated that no conditions were set for the truce.

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