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How Abu Dhabi plans to reduce road accident deaths to zero


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A bold and noble endeavor, if there is an endeavor …

Abu Dhabi Integrated Transport Center (ITC) has some big public safety goals for the future.

Vision Zero is a project that aims to reduce road fatal accidents to zero. This is great news, but if there is any chance of turning that into reality, there has to be a series of clear and measurable goals along the way as well as achievable strategies for meeting these checkpoints.

How does ITC plan to realize this vision?

They have separated their approach into several different categories including

Create a safer infrastructure; Implementation of safer speeds; Establishing increasingly stringent safety standards for vehicles sold and used in Abu Dhabi; Promote responsibility among road users. And improve the traffic accident response system.

But how can we, as drivers, help ..?

Tail end

One of the road behaviors that are frequently associated with traffic accidents is the tail. In fact, it is the third cause of deaths on our roads.

These vehicles do not leave enough space between the vehicle and the vehicle ahead.

Of course, there are severe penalties for not leaving enough space – you are caught breaking the minimum distance rules and you will receive a fine of 400 dirhams and four black points.

Abu Dhabi Police also recently repeated that activities that could trigger a back belt will result in fines for the driver in front of you as well. The most important of them is not to exit the fast lane after overtaking (as long as there is a safe space to move into), which will result in a fine of 400 dirhams.

Those caught vowing (this transgression in the inner lane) will carry out a penalty as well.

Then there is Not using pointers It is a relatively common practice here. Indicators, turn signals, flashes, and directional signals, those little throwing sticks on the side of your steering wheel, whatever you call them, you need to use them.

Drift into lanes without prior signal is another major cause of road traffic accidents around the world, but there are some distinct characteristics behind the behavior here in the UAE, which according to estimates by the Ministry of Interior is responsible for up to 20 percent of road accident deaths.

There are no excuses for not indicating your intention to change lanes, turn around or change direction, but if you need an extra incentive – there is a fine of 400 dirhams for not fulfilling this basic obligation.

The other main causes of accidents are phone use and other lack of focus behaviors (such as eating and applying make-up); Speeding. Road rage; And wear seat belts. All of these are behavioral, and they can all be reduced with a combination of strict penalties and driver education.

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