Amla Century saw a saree in good standing

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On a day that saw no rain across the country, Thursday saw Hashim Amla, a first-rate batsman in Surrey, score a century as there were 16 wickets landed at Chelmsford as he faces Essex Durham.

Asics vs. Durham

Essex made one change from his draw in Warwickshire with Michael Pepper replacing Dan Lawrence Who joins the England bubble before the series of auditions with New Zealand Durham made two changes, as Michael Jones and Matti Potts entered after their draw in Derby last week.

Durham was to win the lottery and choose to play with Sir Aleister Cook being the first man to exit the match as LBW was to Chris Rushworth for 2 before Nick Brown was thrown by Potts for 23. Tom Westley was the next man, LBW to Ben Rennes without scoring, with Paul Walter falls the same way for 28. Ryan Ten Doishat was the fifth man to come out as LBW had been to Porthwick for 8 before Michael Bieber was besieged in the same way by a Rushworth 8 under a ton.

Simon Harmer would also lose to LBW, this time to Raine, for 1 time before Adam Wheater and then Sam Cook would be sent off for 8 and 0 respectively, both of which were out of Rushworth bowling. Peter Seidel was the last man to knock out, thrown by Rennes without scoring, as the hosts collapsed from 179/6 to 182 completely – Rushworth and Rennes took 4 wickets each.

Durham’s response would see Alex not expel LBW to Jimmy Porter without scoring with Captain Scott Borthwick (8, LBW to Sam Cook) and then Cameron Bancroft (20, LBW Siddle) on consecutive times. Michael Jones would then be LBW to cook for 4 with Jack Burnham the same way to Sidel for 2. David Bedingham would have been knocked out on the last ball of the day by Cook for 10.

ESS 182 (62.2 plus), DUR 58/6 (33 trailing)

Bonus points: ESS 2, DUR 3

Warwickshire vs Nottinghamshire

Warwickshire will make two changes from the draw for Essex with Matthew Lamb and Craig Miles joining the team, while Nottinghamshire will make one change when Zach Chapple replaces Stuart Broad, who joined the England bubble.

Nottinghamshire would win the lottery and choose to participate as Robert Yates was thrown by James before Pieter Malan drove out of LBW to Mullarkey for 17. An 85-run and third-run partnership between Will Rhodes (92) and Sam Hain by Dane Paterson would end the former LBW player before he was knocked out The latter is the same way from the same shooter against 61. Michael Burgess was also coming out the same way for 3 days with Tim Bressnan caught by Hamid from Bowling Patterson without scoring, Lamb unbeaten at 43 in logs.

War 250/6 (96 plus)

Bonus points: War 2, not 2

Worcestershire versus Derbyshire

Worcestershire will make one change from his knockout defeat to Nottinghamshire with Ross Whiteley joining the team while Derbyshire makes one change as Ben McDermott replaces Harvey Hosein, who is seated after suffering a concussion during a draw against Durham last week.

Daryl Mitchell will be the LBW from the first ball of the match to Samuel Conners before Tom Fell is knocked out in second place as he was captured by Brooke Guest of Bowling Conners for 12. Jake Lippy will be the next man to be run out by Matt Critchley for 26 before he Ross Whiteley is sent off for 22 by Wayne Madsen who hunts Dustin Milton. The 114-run showdown between Jack Heinz and Brett Doleifera ended with the first exit for 97, being caught by Milton off Critchley, with the latter being captured by Alex Hughes off Finn Hudson Prentice for 71. Ben Cox (49) would be out of the last ball of the day, The guest of Ben Aitchison caught bowling with Ed Barnard resumes at 48, not in the morning.

WOR 336/7 (95.1 Plus)

Reward points: WOR 3, DER 2

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Leicestershire vs Middlesex

Leicestershire made 3 changes with the advent of Ben Mike, Callum Parkinson and Will Davis, while Middlesex made 3 changes from his draw in Surrey with Stevie Eskenazi returning to the top of the standings while Luke Holman, Tylan and Alewita came to renew the bowling attack.

Visitors won the lot and were elected to the racket with Sam Robson and Eskenazi and secured an inaugural partnership of 52 before the first LBW of Bowling Callum Parkinson cornered for 23 with Nick Jobins the second man who was similarly kicked out from Bowling Davis for 21. Colin Ackerman was holding a Eskenazi away from Bowling Davis For 38 before Peter Handscombe was LBW to Ed Barnes for 26. Robbie White (16, Ackerman arrested) and Martin Anderson (LBW) were falling in front of Parkinson’s balls cascading before The 90’s partnership between John Simpson (73 not out) and Holman would end Barnes will toss the last for 32 with an unbeaten 16 Tom Helm in Logs alongside Simpson.

Mid 260/7 (96 plus)

Reward points: LEI 2, MID 2

Surrey, opposite Gloucestershire

Sarri made 6 changes from his home tie against Middlesex last weekend with Ryan Patel opening the beating, Lori Evans and Will Jack came to midfield with Jimmy Overton, Sean Abbott and Dan Moriarty to renew their bowling while Gloucestershire made one change about them tied in Somerset with Jonathan Tattersall (on loan from Yorkshire for one match) to replace James Bracy at wicket preservation position.

Sarri would win tossing and racking with Mark Stoneman and Patel making 50 for their inaugural partnership before the first was LBW to Ryan Higgins before Patel was caught by Kraigg Brathwaite away from David Payne’s bowling game for 62. Jimmy Smith would be disqualified in exactly the same way as Patel’s two singles With Lori Evans caught Tattersall from Bowling Matt Taylor for 6. Will Jacks be the last guy to come out today, with Higgins for 24, with a century-long stand between Hashim Amla (103) and Jimmy Overton (50) because they weren’t hitters out. At tree trunks.

Run 285/5 (96 plus)

Reward points: SUR 2, GLO 1

Lancashire vs Yorkshire

This week’s match on Sky sees the Roses play at Old Trafford. Lancashire made two changes to Northamptonshire last week with Danny Lamb and Captain Mahmoud joining the team, while Yorkshire made three changes from the Glamorgan draw two weeks ago with Will Fryne, George Hill and Duane Olivier joining the team.

The visitors won the lottery and were elected to the racket and soon regretted it. Adam Leith is captured by Lamb of bowling Tom Bailey before both Phryn (who hunted Velas from Bowling Mahmoud) and Harry Brooke (who ran out by Alex Davis) are fired without disturbing the scorers. Hill will be the next to go as Liam Livingstone caught him out of Bailey Bowling for 2 years before Lamb Dum Bess caught him away from Luke Wood’s Bowling for 3 years. Tom Kohler-Cadmore will be the next to leave as LBW was to Lamb for 10 with Jordan Thompson (10) caught by Keaton Jennings of Bowling Wood – visitors were seated at 7/40 at that point.

Wicket keeper Harry Duke and Stephen Patterson were putting on number 77 on the eighth wicket before Matt Parkinson throws the captain before Dean Velas catches Duke out of bowling Tom Bailey for 52 years, his first half century of old. First-class profession. Ben Quad (32 not out) and Olivier put on 38 points in their last wicket before Luke Wells took control of South Africa from Bowling Lamb for 10.

Lancashire will make a positive start with Jennings (22 not out) and Davis (52) in 71st position for the inaugural partnership before catching the last Duke away from Pauling Olivier with Luke Wells, 11 not out, the other batsman is not defeated in the near future.

YOR 159 (64.1 plus), LAN 95/1 (31 plus)

Reward points: LAN 3, YOR 0

Sussex versus Northamptonshire

Sussex made two changes from their home draw with Kent two weeks ago with Henry Crocomb and Jimmy Atkins joining their team while Northamptonshire named a side unchanged from their home draw against Lancashire last weekend.

The hosts won the lot and were elected to the racket, but would lose Aaron Thomason LBW to Ben Sanderson for 4 years before team-mate Gareth Berg, opening player, Tom Haines via Ricardo Vasconcelos. Sanderson would also have Stian Van Zell (5, captured by Vasconcelos) and Travis Head (1, caught Berg) before Adam Rosington catches Ben Brown away from Wayne Parnell’s bowling game for 9. Tom Clark will be the sixth wicket to fall Where Taylor will toss him for 11 before Parnell does, get Delray Rawlins LBW for 2.

George Garton will be Sanderson’s next victim (another LBW) before Sanderson ends the 99-year partnership between Jack Carson (52) and Henry Crocomb (46 not out) as the former is captured by Taylor. Jimmy Atkins was the last guy to go out for 5 years as he was caught by Ben Curran from Bowling Berg, a score of 175 far higher than they imagined they would get when Garton knocked out at 67.

The Northants reboot got off to a bad start as Curran was captured by Brown of Crocombe’s Bowling for 7 days before Luke Procter (9) was also captured by Sussex ranger from Bowling Atkins. Vasconcelos has been out for 20 years, and Brown is arrested off Garton, with Rob Keough the last man out of the day for 24 as he was captured by Rollins outside of Bowling Carson – Saif Zaip (14) and night watchman Simon Kerrigan (3) No Men Out The racket.

SUS 175 (59.3 plus), NOR 91/4 (36 plus)

Reward points: SUS 1, NOR 3

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