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An Arab country is developing a green hydrogen production plant


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The Mauritanian government signed, today, Friday, in the capital, Nouakchott, a memorandum of understanding to develop a project for the production of green hydrogen with a capacity of thirty gigawatts.
The Mauritanian Ministry of Oil, which signed the agreement with the Australian “CWB Global” company, stated that the memorandum of understanding “paves the way for the start of the development work of what will be the largest renewable energy project in the world, with the aim of exporting green hydrogen and its derivatives to global markets.”
The ministry added, in a statement, that the new project bears the name “Aman” and is located “in the north of Mauritania, with an area of ​​8,500 square kilometers.”
He added that Mauritania and the Renewable Energy Development Company “are hopeful that the new plant will enable electrolysis to produce green hydrogen using solar and wind energy, and that it will play an important role in reducing carbon pollution resulting from power generation, transportation, agriculture and steel production.”
“The project will create a stable export line, create thousands of new jobs in construction, local manufacturing, operations and facilitate exports, and it will have a significant impact on the Mauritanian economy, as it generates billions of dollars in revenue and provides access to water and electricity,” said Mark Crandall, founder and chairman of the Australian company, CWB. Inexpensive. “
For his part, Mauritanian Energy Minister Abdel Salam Ould Mohamed Saleh said that his country is “grateful to CWB Global” for its confidence and expresses its firm commitment to this project.


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