Bitcoin is down 8%, below $ 36,000

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On Friday, Bitcoin fell to its lowest level this week, raising losses from a growing campaign against it in China, and environmental concerns, to nearly 40% since the start of the month.

The largest cryptocurrency added to its previous losses, and decreased by 8.2% to reach 35,339 dollars; It remained in a relatively narrow trading range this week, and was down in recent trade by 6.2%.

The cryptocurrency lost 37% of its value in May, and this will be its worst monthly performance since September 2011 if it continues at the same pace.

And pushed it to retreat, China’s efforts to eliminate electronic mining operations to extract and circulate cryptocurrencies, in addition to Tesla’s move to stop receiving payments with it due to concerns about energy consumption.

However, Bitcoin has gained around 3% this week. Trading takes place 24/7 in cryptocurrency markets, and weekend volatility is common.

And also, smaller cryptocurrencies, which usually go up and down with Bitcoin. And the second largest digital currency (Ethereum) fell by as much as 11%, reaching its lowest level in four days.



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