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Collection of Twitch Legends available from Pokimane, Ninja and Timthetatman


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Collection of Twitch Legends from Pokimane, Ninja and Timthetatman are available for pre-orders

The Twitch Legends collection is available for pre-order from Pokimane, Ninja, and Timthetatman: Youtooz and Twitch have come together to launch the Twitch Legends Collectibles collection featuring Pokimane, Ninja and Timthetatman collectibles. Today, Youtooz begins taking pre-orders for Twitch Legends collectibles.

Twitch recently introduced Twitch Legends, an animated video commercial for Twitch celebs. These animated video ads were featured on Time Square billboards. These animated ads feature Pokimane, Ninja, and Timthetatman. Today, Youtooz and Twitch announced a collection of Twitch Legends that can be pre-ordered on their website.

What is the price of the Twitch Legends Collection and how to buy it?

The Twitch Legends collection comes with three Pokimane, Ninja and Timthetatman collectibles with each collectible set costing $ 29.99. Make sure to order before June 12, 2021 because pre-orders are only available until that date. You can pre-order Twitch Legends collection, here is a step-by-step guide –

  • First step – visit – https://youtooz.com/
  • Step 2 – Choose your favorite items and add them to the shopping cart
  • Third Step – Open your shopping cart and log out to pay
  • Fourth Step – Complete the payment and wait for the delivery

When will Twitch Legends collectibles be delivered?

As Twitch Legends collectibles are currently available for pre-order. You have to wait a long time to have the collectibles on hand. These holdings will be delivered to your address in November 2021.

About Youtooz –

Youtooz creates high-quality influencers’ collectibles, online role models – gamers, content creators, broadcast creators, music artists, and more. Youtooz’s main vision is to “bring to life unforgettable moments and personalities that bring you joy, to proudly display on your desk at work, a shelf in your bedroom, or even in your living room for all to see.” Since launching the platform in 2019, Youtooz has released more than 200 unique combos / characters all limited edition editions. Youtooz has created an amazing community of creatives, artists, and fans who keep pushing our mission forward.

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