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Coronavirus: UAE records 2,236 cases of COVID-19, 2,206 recoveries, and 4 deaths – news


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New cases were detected through additional 239,852 checks.

On Friday, the UAE Ministry of Health and Prevention reported 2,236 cases of the Covid-19 coronavirus, along with 2,206 recoveries and 4 deaths.

New cases were detected through additional 239,852 checks.

More than 49.7 million Covid-19 tests have been performed in the country so far.

As of May 28, the total number of cases in the UAE reached 565,451, while the total number of recoveries reached 545,229. The death toll rose to 1668.

United Arab Emirates Covid Vaccine: Who needs to get antibody tests done

Routine and mandatory polymerase chain reaction tests in Abu Dhabi It helped reduce Covid-19 cases and thus keep the capital of the United Arab Emirates safe, health experts say. Abu Dhabi is one of the few places in the world that has not been affected by the second wave of Covid-19 and this is due to the safety protocols that are being implemented. Mandatory routine Covid tests for workers have also helped residents gain confidence and many of them are now returning to their workplaces because they know it is safe to do so.

at the same time, The number of Coronavirus infections in South Asia has exceeded 30 million Friday, according to the official data count, led by India as it struggles with a second wave and vaccine shortages across the region.

I mentioned India on Friday 186,364 new infections during the past 24 hoursIt was its lowest daily high since April 14, while another 3,660 people died.

A cabinet minister said, Friday, that Japan is looking to extend the state of emergency in Tokyo and other regions by about three weeks until June 20, extending the restrictions imposed on fighting the Corona virus to just over one month before the opening of the Summer Olympics.

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